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Program termination

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Standard conversions
Member lookup - Base types
Definite assignment
Pre-processing directives
Namespace declarations
Constant expressions
Automatic memory management
Attributes - Attribute classes

Program termination

Program termination returns control to the execution environment.

If the return type of the programís entry point method is int, the value returned serves as the program's termination status code. The purpose of this code is to allow communication of success or failure to the execution environment.

If the return type of the entry point method is void, reaching the right brace (}) which terminates that method, or executing a return statement that has no expression, results in a termination status code of 0.

Prior to a programís termination, destructors for all of its objects that have not yet been garbage collected are called, unless such cleanup has been suppressed. (The means of suppression are outside the scope of this specification.)

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