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Updating the Magellan Maestro 40X0 to firmware version 2.36


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Updating the Magellan Maestro 40X0 to firmware version 2.36

This guide will help you upgrade your Magellan Maestro 40X0 with the most recent firmware. Go through the checklist to ensure you have everything you need before we start the upgrade process.

·         Magellan Maestro 40X0 receiver

·         PC with Windows 2000 or XP operating system

·         AC power adapter or a full battery charge

·         Blank SD Memory Card (16 MB minimum)

·         USB cable

The process for you to upgrade the firmware to v2.36 takes about 20 minutes after downloading the
executable (.zip file).

Before starting:

Do not connect your Magellan Maestro 40X0 to the USB port of your computer until instructed to do so.

This updater will erase your address book.
 Please back up any addresses that are important before continuing.

1.        If you do not have an approved AC adapter, charge the battery with the cigarette lighter adapter until all five bars are green on the battery status symbol located on the Main Menu.

2.        Close all other applications on your PC. This includes virus checkers and applications that are running in your system tray.  This will enable the upgrade process to run more smoothly and efficiently.

3.        If you have a Pocket PC device ensure that you do not have it connected to your PC through a cradle / USB port. Once you have finished updating your Magellan Maestro 4000 as outlined below, you can reconnect your Pocket PC device after restarting Microsoft Active Sync.

Update process. Please print these instructions:

Do not connect your Magellan Maestro 40X0 to the USB port of your computer until instructed to do so.

1.        Download the Magellan Update file ( and save it onto your desktop. Unzip the file and open the folder Magellan_Maestro_40X0_Series_2_36.

2.        Double click the Setup.exe file.

3.        Click Next on the Welcome screen:

4.        Connect the AC power cable to your Maestro if available.

5.        Power on your Magellan Maestro.

6.        Insert a blank SD Memory Card (16 MB minimum) into your Magellan Maestro.

7.        Using a paper clip or similar object, press the reset button.

8.        Connect the Maestro 40X0 to your computer using the USB cable.

Please NOTE:  When connecting your Magellan receiver to your computer you may be prompted to install drivers for connectivity between your PC and the Magellan receiver.  Please refer to the instructions below for assistance in installing the driver.

9.        If the “Windows Signature” window appears, press the ‘Continue’ button.

10.     Click Next>.  The update process will begin.  Progress bars are displayed showing the progress of the update.   Please note that during the update process, the Magellan Maestro 40X0 will power itself on and off multiple times.  This is normal operation for the update.

11.     The updater will indicate that the update was successful.  Remove the USB cable and click Finish.

12.     The Magellan Maestro will restart automatically to complete the update process.  Do not press any buttons, disconnect the power or remove the SD card.

13.     The Magellan Maestro 40X0 has been updated to firmware version 2.36 and is ready to use.  The SD Card can now be removed.

Driver Installation Instructions  (required only if prompted)

Your computer may prompt you with the “Found New Hardware Wizard”.  The Hardware Wizard will help you to install the needed driver software.  A driver is a small piece of software needed to ensure proper communication between your computer and the device.

To install the software, select “No, not this time” and
click Next.

Select “Install the software automatically (Recommended)” and click Next.

Your computer will search for and prepare to install
the driver. 

If you agree to install the driver in your computer, click “Continue Anyway”.

After the Hardware Wizard has installed the software, click “Finish” and continue with the update.

** “If the update fails for any reason, try running the update wizard again before contacting Technical Support **

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