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AROMATIC HERBS and PLANTS       ABSINTHE: (or WORMWOOD) Absinthe, or Wormwood, is an aromatic plant containing an Alkaloid known since ancient times for its properties as a tonic and febrifuge. The plant was used to ma
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Woodsia Ilvensis

Woodsia Ilvensis Woodsia Ilvensis: is a rare fern, it has wintergreen leaves that are between 4 and 20 cm long. (Fitter R. et al, 1984) Spores were collected in 2002 from different sites including Feshie, Woodale and Moffat site 2.
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Fern Spore Bank at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Fern Spore Bank at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh The aim of this project was to determine the viability of spores held in the fern spore bank in the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. The emphasis in this project was the
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Studying the understory vegetation of Capitol Forest

Abstract In conversations on the subject of modern forest practices, the phrase “A tree farm is not a forest” often comes up.  While it is true that a working commercial forest has a shorter life-span than one that is excluded from human i
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Pink Oleander Flowers from Maharashtra, India

Pink Oleander Flowers from Maharashtra, India
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