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Compilation units

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Namespace and type names
Automatic memory management
Boxing and unboxing: Boxing conversions
Interfaces - declarations, Interface members
Compilation units
Selection statements
Grammars - Grammar notation
Program termination
Variables and parameters

Compilation units

A compilation-unit defines the overall structure of a source file. A compilation unit consists of zero or more using-directives followed by zero or more attributes followed by zero or more namespace-member-declarations.

using-directivesopt  attributesopt    namespace-member-declarationsopt

A C# program consists of one or more compilation units, each contained in a separate source file. When a C# program is compiled, all of the compilation units are processed together. Thus, compilation units can depend on each other, possibly in a circular fashion.

The using-directives of a compilation unit affect the attributes and namespace-member-declarations of that compilation unit, but have no effect on other compilation units.

The attributes of a compilation unit permit the specification of attributes for the target assembly and module. Assemblies and modules act as physical containers for types. An assembly may consist of several physically separate modules.

The namespace-member-declarations of each compilation unit of a program contribute members to a single declaration space called the global namespace. For example:

File A.cs:

class A

File B.cs:

class B

The two compilation units contribute to the single global namespace, in this case declaring two classes with the fully qualified names A and B. Because the two compilation units contribute to the same declaration space, it would have been an error if each contained a declaration of a member with the same name.

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