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Labeled statements

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Grammars - Grammar notation
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Unary expressions
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The try statement

Labeled statements

A labeled-statement permits a statement to be prefixed by a label. Labeled statements are permitted in blocks, but are not permitted as embedded statements.

: statement

A labeled statement declares a label with the name given by the identifier. The scope of a label is the block in which the label is declared, including any nested blocks. It is an error for two labels with the same name to have overlapping scopes.

A label can be referenced from goto statements (8.9.3) within the scope of the label. This means that goto statements can transfer control within blocks and out of blocks, but never into blocks.

Labels have their own declaration space and do not interfere with other identifiers. The example

int F(int x)

is valid and uses the name x as both a parameter and a label.

Execution of a labeled statement corresponds exactly to execution of the statement following the label.

In addition to the reachability provided by normal flow of control, a labeled statement is reachable if the label is referenced by a reachable goto statement.

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