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Exception Handling


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Exception Handling

Whenever an integration error occurs such that the integration cannot continue, an exception is thrown, to be caught and handled by your driver routine. There is a special purpose exception type defined in CNumericalIntegrator for this purpose. This type is defined to be:

class IntegratorError : public std::runtime_error

explicit IntegratorError(EErrorState what_val, const string& what_arg)

: val what_val), std::runtime_error(what_arg)

EErrorState val()


EErrorState val_;

In order to handle these exceptions, you should surround each call to one of the integrator functions with a try block. You need to catch exceptions of type CNumericalIntegrator::IntegratorError, e.g.:


catch (CNumericalIntegrator::IntegratorError theErr)

Note that the IntegratorError exception returns two values: the value of the error (see Table 16) and a string describing the error. You can access these using the functions IntegratorError::val() and IntegratorError::what() (inherited from std::runtime_error).

You can turn off the exception handling feature by defining the macro _MSL_NO_EXCEPTIONS in a global prefix file. In this case, the integrator error state will still be set, but graceful recovery may not be possible.

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