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Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Guided Tour

dot net

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Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Guided Tour
Building a mobile Web Form

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Guided Tour

Welcome to the Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET Guided tour, a hands-on exploration of the newest version of Visual Studio developer toolset from Microsoft. Visual Studio .NET radically improves application development by enabling developers to:

Write code faster,

Deploy robust and dependable software, and

Deliver on the promise to address the fundamental challenges facing customers and their organizations today.

A powerful, highly productive, and extensible programming environment, Visual Studio .NET unlocks the potential for application development. It provides the tools and technologies required to build applications that will power today’s organizations and drive the next generation of XML Web service-based software.

With Visual Studio .NET, programming tasks that were once complex, time-consuming, and frustrating, are demystified to the millions of professional and casual programmers worldwide. More importantly, Visual Studio .NET enables developers to address programming challenges using the skills and knowledge they already possess.

Throughout this guided tour, you will discover how easy it is to create comprehensive, enterprise-critical solutions with Visual Studio .NET. The tour will focus on building and integrating the three key components that comprise Microsoft’s next-generation .NET platform: a sweeping array of client experiences, server-based software components, and XML Web services.

The scenario for the guided tour highlights a fictitious bicycle manufacturer – Downhill Bikes. Using Visual Studio .NET, you will enable Downhill Bikes to take advantage of XML Web services to improve their overall customer service and daily operations.

The Visual Studio .NET Guided Tour will cover the following areas:

Quick Tour of Existing Downhill Bikes Web Site

Part 1: Creating an XML Web Service

Part 2: Building a Rich Windows Form

Part 3: Extending the Windows Form

Part 4: Building a Web Form and Load Test

Part 5: Integrating XML Web Services

Part 6: Building a Mobile Web Page

For more detailed information on Visual Studio .NET please refer to the Visual Studio .NET Reviewers Guide at:

Installation Notes

To run this Guided Tour, you must install Microsoft Windows® 2000 or Windows XP released products with IIS[LLR1]  installed, Visual Studio .NET RTM version, Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000, and the Downhill Bikes sample application. The Downhill Bikes sample also will install the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit and the Mobile Emulator.

This demo has been tested only on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional.

For instructions on installing Visual Studio .NET, please refer to the Appendix and/or the Readme file on CD 1 of Visual Studio .NET. For up-to-date information please refer to this Web site:

Visit for updated information on this demo and script[LLR2] 

 [LLR1] Please spell out on the first mention. Sorry, I can’t tell from this whether it’s Internet Information Services or Server.

 [LLR2] Is the script going to be used in conjunction with this paper, or is this a mis-paste?

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