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Examining the Properties inspector


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Assignment 3: Examining the Properties inspector

In the last section you received a quick overview of the Properties inspector. In this activity you'll have the opportunity to work with an existing document and see how the Property Inspector is used for examining the settings applied to objects in a Dreamweaver document. In succeeding units you'll be using the Properties inspector extensively, so it's important that you have a good feel for how it operates. In this assignment you'll be using the Properties inspector to examine the objects in a sample web page.

  1. With the home page for Caribe Travel Services open in the document window you can see that page itself is relatively simple. Just a single image across the top of the page, buttons down the left, and some text -all contained within page divisions that separate the different areas of the page. Note the appearance of the dotted lines that denote the layout objects on the page.

  1. Start by selecting the logo at the top of the page. Click directly on top of the picture. Figure 3-12 shows how the Properties inspector should appear when this image is selected. Orient yourself to the options displayed in the Properties Inspector.

Figure 3-12: The major functional areas of the Properties inspector when an image is selected.

  1. With the image at the top of the page selected, note the properties for the image. In the spaces provided in your homework document record the following information:

Image width 780

Image height 150

Alternate name Caribe Travel Service

Align is set to? Default

  1. Click the folder icon next to the image file name to open the Select Image Source dialog. Record the name of the folder where the image is located in the space provided. Click Cancel to return to the main Dreamweaver window.

Folder name assests

  1. Click on the word 'Destination' in the table on the left side of the page. In the Quick Tag Selector in the bottom left-hand corner of the document window click on the <table> tag. When the table tag is selected you'll see that the table in the document is selected as well.

  1. Orient yourself to the appearance of the Properties Inspector when this table is selected by looking at Figure 3-13 below then answer the questions that follow the image.

Figure 3-13: The functional areas of the Properties inspector for tables.

How many rows are in the table? 6

How many columns are in the table? 2

What is the width of the table? 85

What unit of measure is used for the width? Percentage

What is the alignment set for the table? Centre

Are any background properties set for the table? No

  1. Now highlight the word 'Welcome' at the top text area on the page. The appearance of the Properties inspector when text is selected is shown below.

  1. Answer the questions below regarding the selected text.

What format is set for the text? Heading1

What font type is set? Verdana, Arial

What value is displayed in the font colour field? 

What happens when the Centre Align button is clicked? Align title in the middle.

  1. Highlight the text that begins with 'With over 25 years experience.' at the bottom of the page and answer these questions.

What format is set for the text? Paragraph

What font type is set? Verdana, Arial

What value is displayed in the font colour field?

What information is found in the Link field? none

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