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Combining composition and inheritance


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Array initialization
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Creating new data types: class
Initializing the base class
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Ternary if-else operator

Combining composition
and inheritance

It is very common to use composition and inheritance together. The following example shows the creation of a more complex class, using both inheritance and composition, along with the necessary constructor initialization:


// Combining composition & inheritance

class Plate

class DinnerPlate extends Plate

class Utensil

class Spoon extends Utensil

class Fork extends Utensil

class Knife extends Utensil

// A cultural way of doing something:

class Custom

public class PlaceSetting extends Custom

  public static void main(String[] args)

While the compiler forces you to initialize the base classes, and requires that you do it right at the beginning of the constructor, it doesn’t watch over you to make sure that you initialize the member objects, so you must remember to pay attention to that.

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