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apmd linux command


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apmd linux command
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Boot managere in Linux


apmd [options]

System administration command. apmd handles events reported by the Advanced Power Management BIOS driver. The driver reports on battery level and requests to enter sleep or suspend mode. apmd will log any reports it gets via syslogd and take steps to make sure that basic sleep and suspend requests are handled gracefully. You can fine-tune the behavior of apmd by specifying an apmd_proxy command to run when it receives an event.


-c n, --check n

Set the number of seconds to wait for an event before rechecking the power level. Default is to wait indefinitely. Setting this causes the battery levels to be checked more frequently.

-P command, --apmd_prxy command

Specify the apmd_proxy command to run when APM driver events are reported. This is generally a shell script. The command will be invoked with parameters indicating what kind of event was received. The parameters are in the next list.

-p n, --percentage n

Log information whenever the power changes by n percent. The default is 5. Values greater than 100 will disable logging of power changes.

-V, --version

Print version and exit.

-v, --version

Verbose mode; all events are logged.

-W, --wall

Use wall to alert all users of a low battery status.

-w n, --warn n

Log a warning at ALERT level when the battery charge drops below n percent. The default is 10. Negative values disable low battery level warnings.

-q, --quiet

Disable low battery level warnings.

-?, --help

Print help summary and exit.


The apmd proxy script will be invoked with the following parameters:


Invoked when the daemon starts.


Invoked when the daemon stops.

suspend [ system | user ]

Invoked when a suspend request has been made. The second parameter indicates whether the request was made by the system or by the user.

standby [ system | user ]

Invoked when a standby request has been made. The second parameter indicates whether the request was made by the system or by the user.

resume [ suspend | standby | critical ]

Invoked when the system resumes normal operation. The second parameter indicates the mode the system was in before resuming. (critical suspends indicate an emergency shutdown. After a critical suspend the system may be unstable and you can use the resume command to help you recover from the suspension.

change power

Invoked when system power is changed from AC to battery or from battery to AC.

change battery

Invoked when the APM BIOS driver reports that the battery is low.

change capability

Invoked when the APM BIOS driver reports some hardware that affects its capability has been added or removed.

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