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dosfsck linux command


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dosfsck [options] device

fsck.ext2 [options] device

System administration command. Similar to fsck, but specifically intended for MS-DOS filesystems. When checking an MS-DOS filesystem, fsck calls this command. Normally dosfsck stores all changes in memory, then writes them when checks are complete.



Automatically repair the system; do not prompt the user.


Use the Atari version of the MS-DOS filesystem.

-d file

Drop the named file from the file allocation table. Force checking, even if kernel has already marked the filesystem as valid. dosfsck will normally exit without checking if the system appears to be clean.

-l file

Consult file for a list of bad blocks, in addition to checking for others.


Ensure that no changes are made to the filesystem. When queried, answer 'no.'


'Preen.' Repair all bad blocks noninteractively.


Display timing statistics.




When queried, answer 'yes.'

-B size

Expect to find the superblock at size; if it's not there, exit.


Flush buffer caches before checking.

-L file

Consult file for list of bad blocks instead of checking filesystem for them.

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