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gs linux command


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gs [options] [files]

An interpreter for Adobe Systems' PostScript and PDF (Portable Document Format) languages; used for document processing. With - in place of files, standard input is used.


-- filename arg1

Take the next argument as a filename, but use all remaining arguments to define ARGUMENTS in userdict (not systemdict) as an array of those strings, before running the file.


Specify width and height of device; intended for systems like the X Window System.


Quiet startup.

-rnumber, -rnumber1xnumber2

Specify X and Y resolutions (for the benefit of devices, such as printers, that support multiple X and Y resolutions). If only one number is given, it is used for both X and Y resolutions.

-Dname=token, -dname=token

Define a name in systemdict with the given definition. The token must be exactly one token (as defined by the token operator) and must not contain any whitespace.

-Dname, -dname

Define a name in systemdict with a null value.


Adds the designated list of directories at the head of the search path for library files.

-Sname=string, -sname=string

Define a name in systemdict with a given string as value.

Special names


Causes individual character outlines to be loaded from the disk the first time they are encountered.


Disables the bind operator. Useful only for debugging.


Disables character caching. Useful only for debugging.


Suppresses the normal initialization of the output device. May be useful when debugging.


Disables the prompt and pause at the end of each page.


Disables the use of fonts supplied by the underlying platform (e.g., the X Window System).


Disables the deletefile and renamefile operators and the ability to open files in any mode other than read-only.


Leaves systemdict writable.


Selects an alternate initial output device.


Selects an alternate output file (or pipe) for the initial output device.

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