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lpr linux command


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lpr [options] files

Send files to the printer spool queue.



Expect data produced by cifplot.


Expect data produced by TeX in the DVI (device- independent) format.


Use a filter that interprets the first character of each line as a standard carriage control character.


Expect standard plot data as produced by the plot routines.


Use a filter that allows control characters to be printed and suppresses page breaks.


Expect data from ditroff (device-independent troff).


Use pr to format the files.


Expect data from troff (phototypesetter commands).


Expect a raster image for devices like the Benson Varian.


Output to printer instead of the printer specified in the PRINTER environment variable or the system default.


Do not print the burst page.


Send mail to notify of completion.


Remove the file upon completion of spooling. Cannot be used with the -s option.


Use symbolic links instead of copying files to the spool directory. This can save time and disk space for large files. Files should not be modified or removed until they have been printed.


Print num copies of each listed file.

-C string

Replace system name on the burst page with string.

-J name

Replace the job name on the burst page with name. If omitted, uses the first file's name.

-T title

Use title as the title when using pr.

-i [cols

Indent the output. Default is 8 columns. Specify number of columns to indent with the cols argument.

-w num

Set num characters as the page width for pr.

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