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stty linux command


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stty [options] [modes]

Set terminal I/O options for the current standard input device. Without options, stty reports the terminal settings that differ from those set by running stty sane, where a ^ indicates the Ctrl key and ^` indicates a null value. Most modes can be negated using an optional - (shown in brackets). The corresponding description is also shown in brackets. Some arguments use non-POSIX extensions; these are marked with a *.


-a, --all

Report all option settings.


Report settings in hex.

Control modes


Set terminal baud rate to n (e.g., 2400).


[Enable] disable modem control.


[Disable] enable the receiver.


Set character size to bits, which must be 5, 6, 7, or 8.


[1] 2 stop bits per character.


[Do not] hang up connection on last close.


Same as previous.

ispeed n

Set terminal input baud rate to n.

ospeed n

Set terminal output baud rate to n.


[Disable] enable parity generation and detection.


Use [even] odd parity.


[Disable]enable RTS/CTS handshaking.

Flow control modes

The following flow control modes are available by combining the ortsfl, ctsflow, and rtsflow flags:

Flag Settings

Flow Control Mode

ortsfl rtsflow ctsflow

Enable unidirectional flow control.

ortsfl rtsflow -ctsflow

Assert RTS when ready to send.

ortsfl -rtsflow ctsflow

No effect.

ortsfl -rtsflow -ctsflow

Enable bidirectional flow control.

-ortsfl rtsflow ctsflow

Enable bidirectional flow control.

-ortsfl rtsflow -ctsflow

No effect.

-ortsfl -rtsflow ctsflow

Stop transmission when CTS drops.

-ortsfl -rtsflow -ctsflow

Disable hardware flow control.

Input modes


[Do not] signal INTR on break.


[Do not] map CR to NL on input.


[Do not] ignore break on input.


[Do not] ignore CR on input.


[Do not] ignore parity errors.


[Do not] map NL to CR on input.


[Disable] enable input parity checking.


[Do not] strip input characters to 7 bits.


[Do not] map uppercase to lowercase on input.


Allow [XON] any character to restart output.

[-]ixoff [-]tandem

[Do not] send START/STOP characters when queue is nearly empty/full.


[Disable] enable START/STOP output control.


[Do not] mark parity errors.


When input buffer is too full to accept a new character, [flush the input buffer] beep without flushing the input buffer.

Output modes


Select style of delay for backspaces (0 or 1).


Select style of delay for carriage returns (0-3).


Select style of delay for formfeeds (0 or 1).


Select style of delay for linefeeds (0 or 1).


Select style of delay for horizontal tabs (0-3).


Select style of delay for vertical tabs (0 or 1).


[Do not] map CR to NL on output.


Set fill character to [NULL] DEL.


Delay output with [timing] fill characters.


[Do not] map lowercase to uppercase on output.


[Do not] map NL to CR-NL on output.


On the terminal, NL performs [does not perform] the CR function.


Do not [do] output CRs at column 0.


[Do not] postprocess output.

Local modes


[Do not] echo every character typed.

[-]echoe, [-]crterase

[Do not] echo ERASE character as BS-space-BS string.


[Do not] echo NL after KILL character.


[Do not] echo NL.


[Disable] enable canonical input (ERASE, KILL, WERASE, and RPRINT processing).


[Disable] enable extended functions for input data.


[Disable] enable checking of characters against INTR, SUSPEND, and QUIT.


[Enable] disable flush after INTR or QUIT.


[Do not] send SIGTTOU when background processes write to the terminal.


[Do not] change case on local output.

[-]echoprt, [-]prterase*

When erasing characters, echo them backward, enclosed in and /.

[-]echoctl. [-]ctlecho*

Do not echo control characters literally. Use hat notation (e.g., ^Z).

[-]echoke [-]crtkill*

Erase characters as specified by the echoprt and echoe settings (default is echoctl and echok settings).

Control assignments

ctrl-char c

Set control character to c. ctrl-char is dsusp (flush input and then send stop), eof, eol, eol2 (alternate end-of-line), erase, intr, lnext (treat next character literally), kill, rprnt (redraw line), quit, start, stop, susp, swtch, or werase (erase previous word). c can be a literal control character, a character in hat notation (e.g., ^Z), in hex (must begin with 0x), in octal (must begin with 0), or in decimal. Disable the control character with values of ^- or undef.

min n

Set the minimum number of characters that will satisfy a read until the time value has expired when -icanon is set.

time n

Set the number of tenths of a second before reads time out if the min number of characters have not been read when -icanon is set.

line i

Set line discipline to i (1-126).

Combination modes


Same as -raw.

[-]evenp [-]parity

Same as [-]parenb and cs[8]7.


Same as [-]parenb and cs[8]7.


Reset ERASE and KILL characters to Ctrl-h and Ctrl-u, their defaults.


[Un] set xcase, iuclc, and olcuc.


Same as [-]lcase.


[Un] set icrnl and onlcr. -nl also unsets inlcr, igncr, ocrnl, and onlret, icrnl, onlcr.


Same as [-]parenb, [-]parodd, and cs7[8].


[Disable] enable raw input and output (no ERASE, KILL, INTR, QUIT, EOT, SWITCH, or output postprocessing).


Reset all modes to reasonable values.


[Expand to spaces] preserve output tabs.


Same as -icanon.


Same as -parenb -istrip cs8.


Same as -parenb -istrip cs8.


Same as -ixany.


Same as echoe echoctl echoke.


Same as echoe echoctl echoke -ixany. Additionally, set INTERRUPT to ^C, ERASE to DEL, and KILL to ^U.

Special settings

ispeed speed

Specify input speed.

ospeed speed

Specify output speed.

rows rows*

Specify number of rows.

cols columns, columns columns*

Specify number of columns.


Display current row and column settings.

line discipline*

Specify line discipline.


Display terminal speed.

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