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which linux command


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which [options] [--] [command] []

List the full pathnames of the files that would be executed if the named commands had been run. which searches the user's $PATH environment variable. The C shell and tcsh have a built-in which command that has no options. To use the options, specify the full pathname (e.g., /usr/bin/which).


-a, --all

Print all matches, not just the first.

-i, --read-alias

Read aliases from standard input and write matches to standard output. Useful for using an alias for which.


Ignore --read-alias if present. Useful for finding normal binaries while using --read-alias in an alias for which.


Skip directories that start with a dot.


Skip directories that start with a tilde ( ) and executables in $HOME.


If a matching command is found in a directory that starts with a dot, print ./cmdname instead of the full pathname.


Print a tilde ( ) to indicate the user's home directory. Ignored if the user is root.


Stop processing options on the right if not on a tty.

-v, -V, --version

Print version information and then exit.


$ which cc ls
ls: aliased to ls -sFC

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