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Working with Mathcad Styles and Templates


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Working with Mathcad Styles and Templates

Working with Mathcad Styles and Templates


Two new features in Mathcad 7 are styles and templates, which work much like those in word processors. We have provided several templates for your use or revision, each containing a number of styles. You can also create your own styles and store them in a template so they are available for other documents.

Using a Template

To use a built-in template, choose File/New, then choose a template from the templates listed, or browse to your own template directory. Just substitute your own text or bitmaps in any of the placeholders, or use or revise the built-in styles.

Using Styles

The styles in each template are visible from the first pull- down menu in the Format Bar. If the Format Bar is not visible, choose View Format Bar. Styles save you work, because you can quickly apply a style such as Heading One to specific text regions, instead of having to redefine the font, size, and indents for each new heading. To create or modify a style, choose Format Style. To save your styles for use in new files, you must make a template file.

Creating a Template

Creating a new template or revising another template is very easy. You can

create text styles and number formats

set the fonts and sizes for constants and variables in math regions

add any bitmaps that you want on every page such as a line across the top or bottom of the file

put page numbers, filenames, and the current date in headers or footers

set  the formats for numbers

Then Save As and choose under File of Type, Template. Make sure to have the file extension be .mct. Your settings, styles, and bitmaps will be available for the next file you create, saving you the time of redoing that work for each file. This will also help make your files more consistent.

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