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Scanning images


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Producing Consistent Color
About drawing and painting
Changing the size of the work canvas
Mixing color channels (Photoshop)
Converting between paths and selection borders
Deleting selections
Adjusting pixel selections
Using rulers, columns, the measure tool, guides, and the grid
Monitoring operations
Choosing foreground and background colors

Scanning images

Before you scan an image make sure that the software necessary for your scanner has been installed. To ensure a high-quality scan you should predetermine the scanning resolution and dynamic range your image requires. These preparatory steps can also prevent unwanted color casts from being introduced by your scanner.

Scanner drivers are provided and supported by the manufacturers of the scanners not Adobe Systems Incorporated If you have problems with scanning make sure that you are using the latest version of the appropriate scanner driver.

Importing scanned images

You can import scanned images directly from any scanner that has an Adobe Photoshop- compatible plug-in module or that supports the TWAIN interface. To import the scan using a plug-in module choose the scanner name from the File > Import submenu See your scanner documentation for instructions on installing the scanner plug-in For general plug-in information see Using plug-in modules on section 58

If your scanner does not have an Adobe Photoshop-compatible scanner driver import the scan using the TWAIN interface (See “Importing an image using the TWAIN interface on section 69

If you can t import the scan using the TWAIN interface use the scanner manufacturer s software to scan your images and save the images as TIFF PICT or BMP files. Then open the files in Photoshop or ImageReady.

Importing an image using the TWAIN interface

TWAIN is a cross-platform interface for acquiring images captured by certain scanners, digital cameras and frame grabbers. The manufacturer of the TWAIN device must provide a Source Manager and TWAIN Data source for your device to work with Photoshop and ImageReady.

You must install the TWAIN device and its software and restart your computer before you can use it to import images into Photoshop and ImageReady See the documentation provided by your device manufacturer for installation information.

To import an image using the TWAIN interface (Photoshop):

Choose File > Import and choose the device you want to use from the submenu.

To import an image using the TWAIN interface (ImageReady):

If you re using the TWAIN device for the first time with ImageReady choose File > Import > TWAIN Select. Then select the device you want to use. You do not need to repeat this step for subsequent use of the TWAIN module.

If more than one TWAIN device is installed in your system and you want to switch devices, use the TWAIN Select command.

To import the image choose File > Import > TWAIN Acquire.

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