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XML utility instructions


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XML utility instructions

Please start using this utility with one day without any XML made in usual way.

For one day you need only one Excel file.

You have two ways to make this operation:

  1. Open the template Notyyyymmdd.xls. Use Save As command and replace yyyy with the year, mm with the month and dd with the day for the desire date to make XML file.
  2. Open one file used for another day and save with correct date in name.

First sheet in Excel file is just for informing (nothing to do in this sheet).

In the second sheet (Internal_Trade) you will put all the exchanges with others BRP(s) inside Romania.

In the third sheet (External_Trade) you will put all the exchanges with others BRP(s) outside Romania.

In this moment, the sheet Production and Consumption will not be used (you don't have yet production and consumption in Romania).

General rules for operations.

The exchanges will be put in Internal_Trade or External_Trade column by column.

  1. Internal_Trade:

In row 2 of column select from hidden list Business type: Import or Export like in following picture:

In row 4 select from list the name of corresponding BRP

Starting with row number 5 and ending with row number 28 (29 in last Sunday from October and 27 in last Sunday from March) you will put the quantity corresponding with this interval and this BRP.

In similar mode, in next column you can put another exchange inside Romania:


The maximum number of internal exchanges is 254.

The separator for decimals is "dot"

You cannot skip column.

If you forget to put one or more exchanges just add this exchanges after the last column used in previous version.

If you want to cancel one or more exchanges after at least one version of XML was created just put all the values equals with zero. Don't delete the column(s)!

You can erase one or more exchanges before make the first version of XML file(s) for a new day but without empty column(s) between some exchanges like in following picture:


If you cannot select from list one name of BRP just add this name and corresponding EIC code in the space reserved for this operation below the exchanges in the corresponding sheet (Internal_Trade or External_Trade) like in following picture:

  1. External Trade

The operation is similar with Internal Exchanges with the following differences:

In row 1 select from list Business Type: Import or Export

In row 2 select from list corresponding border

In row 3 write the name of capacity contract, sent by Romanian the Balancing Market Operator in the beginning of the month:

In row 4 select the name of corresponding BRP


All intervals represent Romanian time (CET+1 hour).

Be carefully at external trade which usually is settled in CET time. (Interval 2 in Romanian time = Interval 1 in CET time).

Be carefully at the BRP(s) from External_Trade sheet. Not all this BRPs is registered on all borders in Romanian Market.

If you don't know if one BRP is registered on one Romanian borders, please check in platform.

In order to create XML file, the Excel file should be SAVE and CLOSE.

In this moment, you can access the XML_utility file.

Just first time please correct the path where you store the XLS file (e.g. Not20060701.xls) and the path where you want to store the XML file(s).

Correct the date in cell B2.

Create the XML file(s).

Upload the file(s) in the platform and everything will be OK.

If on some interval(s) the imbalance is detected the utility will generate one warning but the XML file(s) will be created.

If you don't want to upload XML file(s) in the platform, don't create XML.

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