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Company Overview: Compuware is a leading global provider of software and professional services that help IT professionals develop, integrate, test, and manage the performance of the applications driving their businesses. Our products and solutions optimize every step in the application process for mainframe, distributed, and Web platforms.


Product Description

Compuware TestPartner is a functional test automation tool for validating business critical Web, ERP, CRM and distributed applications. TestPartner's automated learning and replaying of business transactions/process allows application testers and developers to rapidly create repeatable tests.  With TestPartner, you can record user sessions with your applications, add validation and logging functions as appropriate, and playback session scripts later to ensure that the application still works as expected.

TestPartner can be used both for unit testing by developers and for regression testing by QA engineers. TestPartner couples advanced verification capabilities with sophisticated error-recovery mechanisms to provide a robust automated testing solution.

Extensibility of Visual Studio 2005 Team System:

Compuware TestPartner will offer automated functional and regression testing integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System. By extending Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System test capabilities to include TestPartner's GUI testing, organizations will lower project risk and maximize productivity. This gives developers integrated access to the same testing assets as testers, allowing them to find and resolve errors more quickly, enhance communication and collaboration while improving application quality. By extending VSTS code-level unit test capabilities to include Compuware TestPartner's user interface test capabilities, developers will be able to bridge the gap between traditional unit and functional testing. With TestPartner, developers will be able to quickly and easily determine whether the GUI  is functioning as expected release over release. Using TestPartner checks the developer can perform regression tests to verify many aspects of the GUI including controls, fonts, default data, tabs, and links.

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