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The infinitive


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The infinitive

1)The Split Infinitive

E socotit vechi pretentios, e scos din uz Ex:To really understand.</li>

2)Short Infinitive

Apare dupa verbe modale si verbe de perceptie Ex: I heard her sing.

Dupa verbe cauzative (make, let, have) Ex: He made me laugh.

Dupa would/rather/sooner/better/had better/cannot but (anu putea decat sa) Ex:I cannot but consent to his opinion.

Apare dupa to do nothing but/except Ex: She does nothing but lie in the sun all day long

In constructii eliptice Ex:Why not go on the trip?

NOTA:dupa to helpapare atat infinitivul scurt cat si lung

Ex:The boy helps his sister do/to do her homework.

Constructii cu infininive

Acuzativ+infinitiv: format dintr-un substantiv sau pronume in acuzativ+un infinitiv

Apare dupa verbe de perceptie si acuzative

I heard



I heard





Participiu    prezent

NOTA: cand aceste verbe sunt in diateza pasiva ele sunt urmate de infinitiv lung Ex:She was heard to sing

Dupa verbe de vointa Ex:I want him to understand me.

Dupa verbe de activitate mentala Ex: I imagined him to be right.

Dupa: to order, to command, to allow, to force, etc.Ex: I ordered the soldiers to live.

Dupa expresii impersonale Ex:It is important for them to come.

Nominativ+Infinitiv:format dintr-un substantiv sau pronume in nominativ + infinitiv

Dupa verbe de perceptie si de activitate mentala in diateza pasiva Ex: She was heard to sing.He is known to be

Dupa: to be lucky/unlucky/fortunate/unfortunateetc. I was lucky to find you.

The Long Infinitive

Exprima scopul;el poate fi precedat de in order to/so as to Ex:I went to the country(so as to) to help my grand-parents.

Inlocuieste o subordonata care incepe cu what, where, how, etc. She adviced me what to buy.She adviced me to go.

Dupa adjective care exprima o calitate morala sau intelectuala: clevered, brave, cruel, kind

Dupa superlative, numerale ordinale si the only

Dupa too si enough

In constructii absolute: to tell the rtuth, to be sure, to be frank, to say nothing of, to be honest, to be more precise.

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