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Trimite pe Messenger
Timpuri verbale in engleza
The Gerund
Atributul- sinteza teoretica - Clasificarea atributului dupa natura morfologica



a).     Met

b).     Has met

c).      Meets

d).     Meet

a).       Then

b).       Than

c).        Thou

d).       From

3.       We have…. dinner at 7 o’clock p.m. every day.

a).       The

b).       A

c).        An


a).      Wolf

b).      Wolves

c).       Wolfls

d).      Wolfes

5.       My cat caugth three….

a).      Mouce

b).      Mouse

c).       Mice

d).      Mouses

6.       The farmer has a few…….

a).      Goose

b).      Geese

c).       Gooses

d).      Geeses

7.       …are our permanent clients.

a).      Housewife

b).      Housewifes

c).       Housewives

d).      House-wife

8.       London`s … theatre is at the Barbican Arts Centre.

a).      Older

b).      Oldest

c).       More older

d).      The most old

9.       Richard….lived in the 15 th century

a).      The three

b).      The third

c).       Third

d).      Thirth

10.    The plural of “ox” is:

a).      Oxes

b).      Oxsen

c).       Oxen

d).      Oxeses

11.    The problem was…difficult than he told me.

a).      Less

b).      Little

c).       The least

d).      The lesser

12.    They had…money than Tom.

a).      Few

b).      Little

c).       The lesser

d).      Less

13.    I haven`t got…question to ask.

a).      Some

b).      No

c).       Any

d).      Each

14.    Behave…!

a).      Yourself

b).      Herself

c).       Ourselves

d).      My self

15.    …of children came to see the Zoo.

a).      Hundreds

b).      Hundred

c).       Handreds

d).      Handred

16.    Nelson`s Column isn`t in front of St. Paul`s Cathedral,…?

a).      Isn`t?

b).      Is it?

c).       Aren`t they?

d).      Was it?

17.    I have too…homework to do.

a).      Many

b).      Much

c).       Enough

d).      Some

18.    I`ve already taken….photos.

a).      twelf

b).      twelve

c).       twelfe

d).      twelves

19.    Tom… his head in shame.

a).      Bowed

b).      Bow

c).       Bawed

d).      Bown

20.    I …like Mary`s dress.

a).      Don’t

b).      Doesn’t

c).       Hasn’t

d).      Haven’t

21.    The Roman soldiers who…Britain were part of the best army in the wold.

a).      Hasinvade

b).      Invaded

c).       Invade

d).      Had invade

22.    Tell…people not to go here.

a).      Those

b).      This

c).       That

d).      Thees

23.    My mother always…me do my homework before 8 o’clock p.m.

a).      Been made

b).      Made

c).       Has made

d).      Had made

24.    He…collecting them for years.

a).      Hes been

b).      Had been

c).       Haven’t

d).      Have

25.    The fountain with the statue of Eros on top is a favorite…place for young people.

a).      Meet

b).      Meeting

c).       Met

d).      Mets

26.    John…Richard to the throne.

a).      Succeeded

b).      Had succeeded

c).       Has succede

d).      Have been succeed

27.    The Great Dome…the second largest in the world.

a).      Are

b).      Was

c).       Could be

d).      Is

28.    I had a terrible headache as I…for hours.

a).      Had been typing

b).      Have been typing

c).       Had typed

d).      Have typed

29.    Madame Tussand`swax models of famous historical characters.

a).      Showed

b).      Exhibit

c).       Exhibits

d).      Showeds

30.    After a time all those living in Britain…as Britons.

a).      Became known

b).      Become known

c).       Become knowed

d).      Was known

31.    Passengers proceed to… board the plane.

a).      Security Check

b).      Departure

c).       Arrival

d).      The Gate

32.    Admiral Nelson`s statue is in…..

a).      Westminster Abbey

b).      Piccadilly Circus

c).       Trafalgar Square

d).      St.Paul`s Cathedral

33.    Who were executed at the Tower on Henry VIII`s orders.

a).      Thomas More

b).      Michelle Howard

c).       John Boleyn

d).      Catherine Bright

34.    One of the Tower’s main attractions are.

a).      The walls

b).      The gates

c).       The warders

d).      The keys

35.    Some of the best shops in London are in:

a).      Oxford Street

b).      Carnaby Sterrt

c).       Kensington Street

d).      Victorian Street

36.    Beowulf was written down in:

a).      Old English

b).      Old Irish

c).       Old Scotish

d).      Old French

37.    Val Moir decided to turn her hobby into a full-time….

a).      Hobby

b).      Job

c).       Work

d).      Idea

38.    The opposite of “flat” is:

a).      Brass

b).      Fine

c).       Rough

d).      Bumpy

39.    Fred Crouter is:

a).      An engineer

b).      A psychologist

c).       A reporter

d).      A worker

40.    Where did Holden Caulfiled get off the train:

a).      At Penn Station

b).      At Victoria Station

c).       At South Station

d).      At Wilde Station

41.    “Holden is back in…..”

a).      New Jersey

b).      New York

c).       San Francisco

d).      Los Angeles

42.    “Odd” means:

a).      strange

b).      heavy

c).       easy

d).      soft

43.    Who is Angel Clare?

a).      Tess` husband

b).      Tess` lover

c).       Tess` cousin

d).      Tess` father

44.    Where is Caesar killed?

a).      In the Senate house

b).      In the market place

c).       In front of the public

d).Near his house

45.    What is “The Catcher in the Rye”?

a).      A poem

b).      A story

c).       A short novel

d).      A description


1.       They go to…church every Sunday.

a).      The

b).      an

c).       a

d).      -

2.       Mister Smith,….teacher, is an Englishman.

a).      The


c).       a

d).      an

3.       My…are teachers.

a).      Sisters-in-law

b).      Sister-in-laws

c).       Sisters-in-low

d).      Sister-in-lows

4.       Tom and John are… .

a).      Businessman

b).      Businessmen

c).       Bussinessmans

d).      Businnesmens

5.       Mother`s advice…always good.

a).      Are

b).      Is

c).       Were

d).      Have been

6.       The plural of “child” is:

a).      Childs

b).      Childes

c).       Children

d).      Childrens

7.       I have…very bad headache.


b).      a

c).       some

d).      each

8.       This was…idea not mine.

a).      Them

b).      Him

c).       His

d).      Ours

9.       I…helped them to build the house.

a).      Myselves

b).      Myself

c).       No one else

d).      Me

10.    On Sunday we can enjoy…

a).      Us

b).      Ourselves

c).       One another

d).      Themselves

11.    On the table there is a… box.

a).      Nice, small, red

b).      Small, nice, red

c).       Red, small, nice

d).      Nice, red, small

12.    The cake that I madewas ….. than yours.

a).      Good

b).      The best

c).       Better

d).      The betters

13.    The Woolsack…the importance of wool.

a).      Symbolises

b).      Is symbolieng

c).       Symbolizes

d).      Symbolize

14.    …books did you take?

a).      Which

b).      Whom

c).       Who

d).      Witch

15.    There were four…books.

a).      Hundred

b).      Handred

c).       Hundreds

d).      Handreds

16.    The police…after the thief.

a).      Are

b).      Is

c).       Have been

d).      Run

17.    Mary’s luggagevery heavy.

a).      Are

b).      Is

c).       Were

d).      Has

18.    The news…very important for me.

a).      Is

b).      Are

c).       Were


19.    Nowadays the Tower…one of the world’s great tourist attractions.

a).      Had become

b).      Has became

c).       Has become

d).      Have became

20.    He…his room yet.

a).      Has clean

b).      Hasn’t cleaned

c).       Isn’t cleaned

d).      Doesn’t cleaned

21.    Stansted…in the 1980`s.

a).      Were built

b).      Was built

c).       Have been built

d).      Has been build

22.    Mary…Tom for two years.

a).      Had known

b).      Have known

c).       Was know

d).      Were know

23.    Those looking for entertainment…miss Piccadilly Circus.

a).      Would not

b).      Should not

c).       Will

d).      Shall not

24.    Last week I…to an exhibition of paintings in the Barbican Art Centre.

a).      Went

b).      Go

c).       Goes

d).      Gone

25.    Did you…these apples?

a).      Has like

b).      Liked

c).       Likes

d).      Like

26.    Nelson`s Column isn`t in front of St`Paul`s Cathedral, …..?

a).      Isn`t it

b).      Is it

c).       Aren`t they

d).      Was it?

27.    I have too…homework to do.

a).      Many

b).      Much

c).       Enough

d).      Some

28.    The information…useful for everybody.

a).      Are

b).      Is

c).       Were

d).      Have been

29.    The glass covered walkway …a splendid view of the river.

a).      Is giving

b).      Give

c).       Gives

d).      Has given

30.    John…Richard to the throne.

a).      Succeeded

b).      Had succeded

c).       Has succeded

d).      Have been succed

31.    When arriving at the airport, passengers usually take a ……

a).      Tickket

b).      Trolley

c).       Flight

d).      Boarding pass

32.    Some of the great paintings of the world are in ….

a).      Barbican Arts Centre

b).      Madame Tussand`s

c).       British Museum

d).      The National Gallery

33.    When the Tower became the chief prison of state?

a).      In the time of Henry VIII

b).      In the time of Edward II

c).       In the time of King John

d).      In the time of Charles II

34.    Most tourist prefer to admire London from:

a).      The upper deck of an open bus

b).      A black-cab taxi

c).       The Official London Transport

d).      Peter Pan’s statue

35.    People seldom go to….in London.

a).      Restaurants

b).      Pubs

c).       Cafes

d).      Inns

36.    Beowulf is:

a).      An Anglo-Saxon story

b).      A heroic poem

c).       An old English story

d).      An epic story

37.    Some of the most impressive collections were those belonging to….

a).      Girls

b).      A boy



38.    The opposite of “transparent” is:

a).      Brittle

b).      Opaque

c).       Rigid

d).      Hollow

39.    Crouter`soldest newspaper is a 1669 issue of:

a).      Britain Chronicle

b).      London Chronicle

c).       Oxford Chronicle

d).      Nebraska Chronicle

40.    Who is “the devil’s disciple”

a).      Richard Dudgeon

b).      Francis Macomber

c).       Anthony Anderson

d).      Morris Townsend

41.    Who is Holden Caulfield sister?

a).      Sally

b).      Phoebe

c).       Jane

d).      Susan

42.    “to reckon” means :

a).      To consider

b).      To recognise

c).       To realise

d).      To reveal

43.    “to brace” means:

a).      To get firmness

b).      To be good

c).       To get wealthy

d).      To be well

44.    “corny” means:

a).      crazy

b).      banal

c).       easy

d).      dump

45.    Who is the president of the Court-Martial scence:

a).      Gentlemanly Johnny

b).      Major Swindon

c).       Richard Dudgeon

d).      Anthony Anderson



1.       The rich should help…..poor.

a).      A

b).      Some



2.       Mary will dine with…whites.


b).      the

c).       a

d).      an

3.       They told me about the….

a).      Tariff

b).      Tarif

c).       Tarives

d).      Tarifs

4.       Please, buy me a…of milk chocolate.

a).      Item

b).      Slice

c).       Bar

d).      Bit

5.       His baggage…here a few minutes a go.

a).      Was

b).      Were

c).       Is

d).      Are

6.       Those…are very interesting.

a).      Photos

b).      Photoes

c).       Phothos

d).      Fothos

7.       The plural of “wife” is:

a).      Wifes

b).      Wive

c).       Wives

d).      Wifeses

8.       Tom proved..…to be a very good student.

a).      His self

b).      Himself

c).       Itself

d).      Ourself

9.       He is our….

a).      Lieutenant-colonel

b).      Colonel-lieutenant

c).       Leutenant colonel

d).      Colnel-leutenant

10.    She never got…answers from him.

a).      Some

b).      Any

c).       An

d).      No

11.    Big Ben is…. famous clock in London.

a).      very

b).      a

c).       more

d).      the most

12.    My friends are going to spend their holidays…themountains.

a).      In

b).      At

c).       On

d).      To top

13.    People…go to pubs in London.

a).      Rather

b).      Seldom

c).       Usually

d).      Rarely

14.    Most tourists prefer to admire London from…deck of an open bus.

a).      The upper

b).      The uppest

c).       Upper

d).      Upperst

15.    …World War started in 1914.

a).      Two

b).      One

c).       The first

d).      The second

16.    The information…useful for everybody.

a).      Are

b).      Is

c).       Were

d).      Have been

17.    I knew what was written in the article because I … it.

a).      Had been reading

b).      Had read

c).       Have read

d).      Had reading

18.    Richard the Lionheart`s chancellor…the first expansion of the Tower’s defences.

a).      Has begin

b).      Began

c).       Begun

d).      Was begun

19.    The Union Jack…of three crosses: of England, Scotland and Ireland.

a).      Consisted

b).      Consist

c).       Consists

d).      Has consisted

20.    All of them…some money.

a).      Hes

b).      Haven`t

c).       Had

d).      To have

21.    The play was wonderful. I wish you….

a).      Had come

b).      Came

c).       Has came

d).      Have come

22.    The glass covered walkway….a splendid view of the river.

a).      Is giving

b).      Give

c).       Gives

d).      Has given

23.    By tradition there ….. ravens at the Tower from its very beginnings.

a).      Has

b).      Have been

c).       Has been

d).      Had been

24.    I`ll … homework before six o’clock.

a).      Have written

b).      Has written

c).       Has write

d).      Had wrote

25.    I….the long streets in central London with stylish houses.

a).      Liked

b).      Adored

c).       Am likenig

d).      Adore

26.    By six o’clock, they’ll….tea.

a).      Had had

b).      Have had

c).       Have have

d).      Had have

27.    You want me to play the piano, ….?

a).      Don`tyou

b).      Didn`t you

c).       Will you

d).      Shall you

28.    It is high time you…..decide upon your future.

a).      Would

b).      Should

c).       Shall

d).      Will

29.    Alice is a very good friend of….

a).      Mine

b).      One

c).       My

d).      Him

30.    IfJohn ……I could have told him the truth

a).      Had come

b).      Has come

c).       Has came

d).      Had came

31.    “Every passenger shows his passport for Passport Control before going through…..”

a).      Departure Lounge

b).      Check-in-Counter

c).       Security Check

d).      The Gate

32.    …….Is a fine example of Gothic architecture.

a).      St.Paul`s Cathedral

b).      British Museum

c).       Westminster Abbey

d).      Buckingham Palace

33.    Who spent a lot to make the Tower one of the finest medieval castles of 13th century England?.

a).      Edward I

b).      Henry III

c).       William ofNormandy

d).      King John

34.    West End theatres are just few minutes` walk from:

a).      Kensington Gardens

b).      Peter Pan`s statue

c).       Piccadilly Circus

d).      London Zoo

35.    Covent Garden is the home of:

a).      The Royal Opera

b).      Royal Festival

c).       South Bank

d).      Museum of the Moving Image

36.    The theme of Beowulf is:

a).      Killing dragons

b).      Fighting dragons

c).       Dragons`death

d).      Following dragons

37.    A boy had contributed his collection of ….

a).      Carrier bags

b).      Rocks and fossils

c).       Cuddly toys

d).      Hand-painted plates

38.    The opposite of “hard” is:

a).      Soft

b).      Solid

c).       Flexible

d).      Rigid

39.    Fred Crouter is collecting:

a).      Old books

b).      Old pictures

c).       Newspapers

d).      Paintings

40.    Who is Jim?

a).      Huck`s friends

b).      A runnaway slave

c).       Huck`s father

d).      Huck`s brother

41.    What does it mean “argument”?

a).      Debate

b).      Solution

c).       Element

d).      Reason

42.    Who is Alec D`Urbervilles?

a).      Tess` brother

b).      Tess` lover

c).       Tess` husband

d).      Tess` father

43.    What does it mean “regular”?

a).      Normal

b).      Seldom

c).       Sometimes

d).      Always

44.    What does it mean “phone booth”?

a).      phone box

b).      phone house

c).       phone signal

d).      phone scene

45.    Give synonym to “casual”.

a).      Chance

b).      Case

c).       Close

d).      In case


1.       Susan is …..honest person

a).      The


c).       A

d).      An

2.       The sun rises in….east.

a).      The

b).      A


d).      an

3.       …..Duke of Wellington is buried at St.Paul`s Cathedral.


b).      Himself

c).       The

d).      A

4.       The plural of “leaf” is:

a).      Lives

b).      Leafs

c).       Leaves

d).      Leafes

5.       Help….to a chocolate.

a).      Me

b).      Us

c).       Yourself

d).      Ourself

6.       John came home late…..night.


b).      at

c).       at the

d).      in

7.       In small towns like that, everyone knows…..

a).      Everybodies

b).      Everyone

c).       Everythings

d).      Nothing

8.       Andrew wantsto become….. engineer.

a).      -

b).      The

c).       A

d).      An

9.       Ultimately,…….., Beowulf received his own death.

a).      Nevertheless

b).      Anyway

c).       Finally

d).      Hoppesly

10.    Some of….shop in London are in Regent Street.

a).      The better

b).      The best

c).       Worse

d).      The worst

11.    My English in bad, but yours is…….

a).      Badder

b).      Worst

c).       Worse

d).      Baddest

12.    The jack used to be the name of the flag….was hung from the back of a ship.

a).      Whom

b).      Who

c).       Which

d).      What

13.    Fewer and…..people belive in happiness.

a).      Loss

b).      Few

c).       Fewer

d).      Fewest

14.    The man…..I spoke was very polite.

a).      To whom

b).      Whom

c).       To who

d).      Which

15.    My flat is on the…..floor.

a).      Nineth

b).      Ninth

c).       Nine

d).      Nineteen

16.    The famous saying “Time is money” is English,….?

a).      Is it?

b).      Was it?

c).       It was?

d).      Isn`t it?

17.    I was afraid he might get asleep as he….since early morning.

a).      Had driven

b).      Had been driving

c).       Have driven

d).      Have been driven

18.    The National Gallery….one of the richest collection of paintings.

a).      Houses

b).      Housed

c).       House

d).      Has housed

19.    Susan…..anybody there since early this morning.

a).      Haven`tseen

b).      Hasn`t seen

c).       Hasn`t see

d).      Hadn`t see

20.    Andrew……breakfast yet.

a).      Hasn`t finished

b).      Had finish

c).       Has finished

d).      Has finish

21.    I…never go to the seaside on December.

a).      Wouldn`t

b).      Will

c).       Will been

d).      Will be

22.    William of Normandy….the building of an earth-and-timber castle.

a).      Has ordered

b).      Had ordered

c).       Ordered

d).      Was ordered

23.    ….you join us for dinner?

a).      Shall

b).      Would

c).       Will

d).      Should

24.    She….five husbands.

a).      Have have

b).      Has had

c).       Has have

d).      Had had

25.    “I….how the English can be so self-controlled when they lose time.”

a).      Understand

b).      Can`t understand

c).       Could understand

d).      Wouldn`t understand

26.    London’s Carnaby Street attracted…of tourists every year.

a).      Thousand

b).      Thousands

c).       Thausant

d).      Thausent

27.    Tom and Peter…..hands.

a).      Have shaken

b).      Has shaken

c).       Have shake

d).      Has shake

28.    The Mods most important possessions….their scooters.

a).      Was

b).      Were

c).       Have been

d).      Had been

29.    IfI am a king, you….my queen.

a).      Are

b).      Will be

c).       Would be

d).      Should be

30.    She becomes fair when her husband finally…. her.

a).      Obeyed

b).      Obeys

c).       Obey

d).      Obeying

31.    At the…passengers receive a boarding pass.

a).      Departure Lounge

b).      Arrival

c).       Check-in-Counter

d).      Passport Control

32.    London`s oldest theatre is at:

a).      The Barbican Arts Centre

b).      Piccadilly Circus

c).       10 Downing Street

d).      Trafalgar Square

33.    When the royal accommodation changed from the White Tower to a new building?

a).      During the reign of Edward I

b).      During the reign of Henry III

c).       During the reign of King John

d).      During the reign of Henry VIII

34.    In London you have to…for the bus

a).      Wait

b).      Qeue

c).       Queue

d).      Qiueue

35.    Children will always choose:

a).      Regent’s Park

b).      Hyde Park

c).       St.James`s Park

d).      Victoria`s Park

36.    ….was triumphantly welcomed by his people.

a).      Wiglaf

b).      Hrothgar

c).       Beowulf

d).      Grendel

37.    “My favorite was a collection of…….”:

a).      Small perfume bottles

b).      Hand-painted plates

c).       Rocks and fossils

d).      Cuddly toy

38.    The opposite of “high” is:

a).      Low

b).      Wide

c).       Tiny

d).      Long

39.    ……contains a copy of the U.S. Constitution

a).      Pennsylvania Packet

b).      London Chronicle

c).       Connecticut Journal

d).      Nebraska Journal

40.    Which of the following is a sequel to“The adventures of Tom Sawyer”:

a).      “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

b).      “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur`s Court.

c).       “Life on the Mississippi

d).      “The Adventures of Negro Jim”

41.    What is “Julius Caesar”?

a).      a tragedy

b).      a novel

c).       a Roman historical play

d).      a chronical play

42.    What is Stonehenge?

a).      An abbey

b).      Aprehistoric temple

c).       Acastle

d).      A modern temple

43.    “Dawn” means:

a).      down

b).      dear

c).       daybreak

d).      sunset

44.    Morris Townsend refuses to leave N.Y. because:

a).      He loves Catherine

b).      He has a job there

c).       He has family responsabilities there

d).      He doesn`t need such a job

45.    Holden gave the cab driver the wrong address:

a).      Because he was tired

b).      Out of habit

c).       Because he was drunk

d).      Because he was in a hurry


1.       …..lions are wild animals.

a).      any

b).      the

c).       some

d).      -

2.       It was …important day for him.

a).      An

b).      A


d).      some

3.       It was…. year full of happiness.

a).      A

b).      An

c).       The


4.       “….British Museum shows the works of man from prehistoric times”

a).      an


c).       the

d).      a

5.       The plural of “foot” is:

a).      Foots

b).      Feets

c).       Feet

d).      Footes

6.       She bought….a new hat.

a).      Her

b).      Herself

c).       Of herself

d).      Of himself

7.       She told me that….is ready.

a).      Everything

b).      Both

c).       Somebodies

d).      Anybodies

8.       Flying today is…. way of travelling.

a).      The safer

b).      The safest

c).       Saffer

d).      Saffeler

9.       Mary has…. reason to be upset.

a).      Either

b).      Each

c).       Everything

d).      Every

10.    She is …. asI am.

a).      As happy

b).      Not happy

c).       As happier

d).      Happiest

11.    Children will always choose……. which houses London Zoo.

a).      Oxford`s Park

b).      Regent`s Park

c).       Coven`s Park

d).      Kensington`s Park

12.    In London you have to queue…bus.

a).      For the

b).      For

c).       To the

d).      At the

13.    Life was difficult in ….. days.

a).      These

b).      This

c).       That

d).      Those

14.    Alice is…than Lusan.

a).      Beautiful

b).      More beautiful

c).       The most beautiful

d).      Not as beautiful

15.    On Christmas Day…….,William Duke of Normandy, was crowned king of England.

a).      Ten sixty – six

b).      One o sixty-six

c).       One thousand and sixty-six

d).      Ten and sixty-six

16.    The bell is also…when passengers ring for me of the cabin crew.

a).      Heard

b).      Hearing

c).       Ringging

d).      Been ringing

17.    For me it was as if someone…me a pair of magic glasses.

a).      Give

b).      Had given

c).       Haven`t given

d).      Gaves

18.    We…. hands and said “good bye”.

a).      Shake

b).      Shook

c).       Has shaking

d).      Had shouk

19.    Mary….in the living-room as I was dressing.

a).      Has wait

b).      Had wait

c).       Waited

d).      Has waited

20.    Has he….the news?

a).      Heard

b).      Hear

c).       Heared

d).      Hearing

21.    At night the Circus….a mass ofcolored changing lights.

a).      Became

b).      Become

c).       Becomes

d).      Becomed

22.    John and Mary…in the mountains since June.

a).      Hasn’t

b).      Hasn’t been

c).       Haven’t been

d).      Hadn’t been

23.    The child…. anything in the the morning.

a).      Didn`t eat

b).      Doesn`t eaten

c).       Didn`t ate

d).      Don`t ate.

24.    The Wife ofBath….a lot.

a).      Had travelled

b).      Has travelled

c).       Have travelle

d).      Has travell

25.    Only if you ….you will succeed.

a).      Will try

b).      Has tried

c).       Try

d).      Are trying

26.    Tom…her twice till now, but she hasn’t answered.

a).      Has written

b).      Have written

c).       Had write

d).      Had wrote

27.    If you…you will succeed.

a).      Tried

b).      Has try

c).       Shall try

d).      Will try

28.    “When a man…of London he is tired of life”.

a).      Tired

b).      Was tired

c).       Is tired

d).      Had tired

29.    If I had been a king you…. my queen.

a).      Will be

b).      Would have been

c).       Have been

d).      Would be

30.    John, a carpenter, discovers that his wife, Alison,…….unfaithful to him for some time.

a).      Had been

b).      Has been

c).       Have been

d).      Had be

31.    When the “Fasten your seat belts” and “……” signs light up a bell rings.

a).      “No Starting”

b).      “No Smoking”

c).       “No Moving”

d).      “No Landing”

32.    Those looking for entertainment should not miss:

a).      Piccadilly Circus

b).      St.Paul`s Cathedral

c).       Tower Bridge

d).      Great Dome

33.    Who completed the first expansion of the Tower`s defences?

a).      Richard

b).      King John

c).       Henry IV

d).      Edward I

34.    For a change visit…., London`s most famous outdoor market.

a).      Petticoat Lane

b).      Victorian arcades

c).       Mayfair`s

d).      Piccadilly Circus

35.    The hot spots of music and dance are located near:

a).      Kensington Gardens

b).      Leicester Square

c).       James` square

d).      Covent Garden

36.    Grendel killed the men of….

a).      Hrothgar

b).      Horhtgar

c).       Hortgar

d).      Hrohgar

37.    An unusual collection was one entered by a …….

a).      Railway enthusiast

b).      Geology enthusiast

c).       Boy

d).      Girl

38.    The opposite of “wide” is:

a).      Short

b).      Light

c).       Tall

d).      Narrow

39.    “I wouldn`t part with them for any….

a).      Price

b).      Reason

c).       Body

d).      Thing

40.    Who is Holden`s sister:

a).      Susan

b).      Jane

c).       Phoebe

d).      Alison

41.    Who is Catherine suitor?

a).      Sloper

b).      Townsend

c).       Morraise

d).      Hayes

42.    How many times was Caesar offered the crown?

a).      Once

b).      Twice

c).       Three times

d).      Four times

43.    Hardy`s first masterpice is:

a).      “Far From Madding Crowd”

b).      “Jude the Obscure”

c).       “Victorian archades”

d).      “The Story ofStonehendge”

44.    “pillar” means:

a).      Column

b).      Stone

c).       Instrument

d).      Ornament

45.    “At hand” means:

a).      Closen

b).      At the moment

c).       Always

d).      Near


1.       Jane wants to become…doctor.


b).      A

c).       The

d).      An

2.       Tom is coming home at…. Christmas.

a).      The


c).       a

d).      nexet

3.       The horse is…. useful animal.

a).      The

b).      An

c).       -

d).      A

4.       The plural of “tooth” is:

a).      Teet

b).      Teeth

c).       Tooths

d).      Toothes

5.       … there in time.

a).      Much

b).      Neither

c).       Him

d).      Her

6.       “When I am playing tennis I can’t think of…else”.

a).      Anything

b).      Something

c).       Nothing

d).      Anybody

7.       In soccer the best players are paid huge…of money.

a).      Sum

b).      Sama

c).       Sums

d).      Sumes

8.       Sometimes I`m completely….

a).      Hope

b).      Hoppelless

c).       Hopeless

d).      Hopeful

9.       He seems to find my project very….

a).      Attract

b).      Attractive

c).       Attractlessing

d).      Attractable

10.    I don`t know where you find all…. energy.

a).      That

b).      Thes

c).       These

d).      Those

11.    I`ve always considered him a …. person.

a).      Rely

b).      Reliable

c).       Relions

d).      Reliant

12.    Has she heard from that friend of…who was there?

a).      Her

b).      Then

c).       She

d).      Hers

13.    I used to see him….a week.

a).      Twice

b).      Too times

c).       Two times

d).      Two time

14.    “…..had we walked in when we saw the first exhibit”.

a).      No sooner than

b).      Scarcely

c).       Hardly

d).      Right then

15.    His father is a wealthy man;…isn`t .

a).      My

b).      Mine

c).       His

d).      Him

16.    NowI …the all the paintings were really beautiful.

a).      Found

b).      Find

c).       Has find

d).      Had founding

17.    London is even more beautiful than I….

a).      Thought

b).      Had thought

c).       Think

d).      Has been thinking

18.    An ugly woman…to a man.

a).      Maried

b).      Have married

c).       Is married

d).      Are married

19.    I wish you….the piano every day.

a).      Would sing

b).      Will sing at

c).       Would play

d).      Will play

20.    You…open the window if you want to.

a).      May

b).      Can

c).       Could

d).      Have

21.    ….I give my exam right now?

a).      May

b).      Must

c).       Will

d).      Shal

22.    People and pigeons….at Trafalgar Square to see fountains.

a).      Are gathering

b).      Gather

c).       Gathers

d).      Has gathers

23.    Chief Yeoman Warder…the keys to the monarch’s representative in the Tower.

a).      Show

b).      Present

c).       Presents

d).      Shows

24.    Her lawyer…you where I am.

a).      Will tell

b).      Shall tell

c).       Would told

d).      Is telling

25.    The film…. starting in ten minutes.

a).      Can be

b).      Must be

c).       Had be

d).      May

26.    I…the Tower yet.

a).      Haven`t seen

b).      Hasn`t seen

c).       Wasn`t seen

d).      Weren`t seen

27.    If I were a king you….my queen.

a).      Would be

b).      Would have been

c).       Will be

d).      Should be

28.    I`ll be learning the poem when you….

a).      Arrived

b).      Are arriving

c).       Arrive

d).      Has arrive

29.    Pity you…. with us!

a).      Haven`t come

b).      Didn`t come

c).       Doesn`t come

d).      Don`t came

30.    It…. important that I had finished the book in time.

a).      Were

b).      Has been

c).       Will be

d).      Was

31.    When you hear the announcement for your flight you proceed to…..?

a).      Departure Lounge

b).      The Gate

c).       Check-in-Counter

d).      Security Check

32.    Coming out of the National Gallery, tourists can admire:

a).      Nelson’s Column

b).      Queen Victoria’s memorial

c).       Great Dome

d).      The Royal Guards

33.    Who ordered the building of the earth-and-timber castle?

a).      Edward I

b).      William of Normandy

c).       Richard the Lionheart

d).      Henry VIII

34.    You can find fashionable discos and night clubs near:

a).      Mayfair`

b).      Petticoat Lane

c).       Leicester Square

d).      Covent Garden

35.    The world famous Royal Opera is situated in:

a).      Covent Garden

b).      Leicester Square

c).       Kensington Gardens

d).      National Theatre

36.    Beowulf pronounced….his successor.

a).      Grendal

b).      Kalevala

c).       Wiglaf

d).      Roland

37.    I have recently visited an exhibition in:

a).      Stoke-on-Trent

b).      Stone-on-Tent

c).       Staik-on-Tent

d).      Stroke-on-Trent

38.    The opposite of “huge” is:

a).      Tiny

b).      Wide

c).       Long

d).      Short

39.    The pilgrims met at:

a).      Tanner Inn

b).      Taben Inn

c).       Tabeard Inn

d).      Tabbard Inn

40.    Choose the right matches:

a).      The Decameron-Chaucers

b).      Beowulf-Boccacio

c).       The Canterbury Tales-Chaucer

d).      The Arabian Nights-Abbey

41.    What do the Roman citizens think of the conspirators when Antony`s speechis over?

a).      They are patriots

b).      They are trailors

c).       Theyare innocent

d).      They are honourable men

42.    The antonym of “enemy” is:

a).      Friend

b).      Lover

c).       Lawyer

d).      Guest

43.    Tess murdered:

a).      Angel

b).      Alec

c).       Clare

d).      The policeman

44.    “To glisten” means:

a).      To wisper

b).      To be glad

c).       To move

d).      To shine brightly

45.    “proper” means:

a).      Well

b).      Correct

c).       Possible

d).      Suitable


1.       She was …very famous person.

a).      The


c).       a

d).      an

2.       The horse is …useful animal.

a).      A

b).      An


d).      some

3.       Stansted was built to relieve the congestion of….Heathrow.

a).      The

b).      In


d).      a

4.       The plural of “tomato” is:

a).      Tomatos

b).      Tomatoes

c).       Tomatoses

d).      Tomato

5.       The exercise is not…difficult.

a).      Too

b).      Just

c).       Nearly

d).      yet

6.       That engine goes by….

a).      Himself

b).      His self

c).       Itself

d).      Themselves

7.       …..wants peace and not war.

a).      Somebody

b).      Someone

c).       Everybody

d).      Anybody

8.       The…fell from the tree.

a).      Lives

b).      Leaves

c).       Leafs

d).      Lifs

9.       The thieves stole watches and….

a).      Radioes

b).      Radio

c).       Radios

d).      Radies

10.    The poor woman threw…under the train.

a).      Himself

b).      Herself

c).       Itself

d).      Themselves

11.    Have you heard….?

a).      The news

b).      The questtion

c).       The knews

d).      The new

12.    Susan went into the house…him.

a).      Rather

b).      Befored

c).       Over

d).      After

13.    Those wolves killed the….

a).      Sheep

b).      Sheeps

c).       Sheepes

d).      Sheepoes

14.    Susan has learn a dozen of poems…heart.

a).      At

b).      To

c).       By

d).      From

15.    Peter has broken his…knife.

a).      Nasty

b).      Sweet

c).       Favourite

d).      Interesting

16.    I had difficulties in understanding what the artist….

a).      Mean

b).      Had meant

c).       Have mean

d).      Have meant

17.    I…say I admire London more than like it.

a).      Should

b).      Would

c).       Will

d).      Shall

18.    Our teacher…to listen to gossip.

a).      Doesn`t like

b).      Don`t like

c).       Hasn`t like

d).      Didn`t liked

19.    Susan and Andrew….come to see us.

a).      Might

b).      Can

c).       Mights

d).      Are able to

20.    …..good reviews of that exhibition.

a).      Had read

b).      Have red

c).       Reading

d).      Had been read

21.    If I were you I …. to that doctor.

a).      Couldn`t go

b).      Shouldn`t go

c).       Wouldn`t go

d).      Will not go

22.    Nowadays, there are about 40 yeoman Warders, who…within the walls of the Tower.

a).      Lives

b).      Live

c).       Lived

d).      Is living

23.    “I….hours on end in London`s fabulous museums.”

a).      Could spend

b).      Could spent

c).       Would spent

d).      Will spent

24.    Where have you…?

a).      Was

b).      Were

c).       Be

d).      Been

25.    The airport at Gatwick also…a lot of international flights.

a).      Hands

b).      Handels

c).       Handles

d).      Has handels

26.    I hate…lies.

a).      To tell

b).      To speak

c).       To ask

d).      Tell

27.    The numerous parks…shelter from the noise of the city.

a).      Offers

b).      Offer

c).       Make

d).      Makes

28.    The police promised me that they…the thief.

a).      Shall found

b).      Shall finding

c).       Would find

d).      Will found

29.    If you tell them now they…enough time to solve the problem.

a).      Will have

b).      Shall have

c).       Would have

d).      Should have

30.    Susan told us that her husband…just arrived.

a).      Have

b).      Had

c).       Has

d).      Have has

31.    Clear Customs by taking…….if you have anything to declare.

a).      Red Channel

b).      Green Channel

c).       White Channel

d).      Yellow Channel

32.    Queen Victoria’s memorial is in front of:

a).      Westminster Abbey

b).      Buckingham Palace

c).       Trafalgar Square

d).      Barbican Arts Centre

33.    Richard’s brother was:

a).      Henry VIII

b).      Edward I

c).       Henry II

d).      John

34.    We can find street entertainers till late at night near:

a).      Oxford St.

b).      Mayfair’s

c).       Leicester Square

d).      Petticoat Lane

35.    The black-cab taxi service is available but it is rather…..

a).      Expensive

b).      Modern

c).       Speedy

d).      Wide

36.    Beowulf managed to kill the dragon with the aid of…….

a).      Danish king

b).      King John

c).       Wiglaf

d).      Grendal

37.    “The first exhibit displayed above us was a collection of…..”

a).      Carrier bags

b).      Old cameras

c).       Small pefume bottles

d).      Beatles`records

38.    Choose the possible association:

a).      Rigid, flexible, narrow

b).      Heavy, light, striped

c).       Law, short, tiny

d).      Oval, light, tall

39.    The pilgrims went to:

a).      Canterbury

b).      Canterbary

c).       Cunterburry

d).      Canterbarry

40.    …………wrote” The Canterbury Tales”.

a).      Gershwin

b).      Chaucer

c).       Goffrey

d).      Boccaccio

41.    Whom does Holden ask about the duck’s fate:

a).      Phoebe

b).      His sister

c).       The taxi driver

d).      His friend

42.    “position” means:

a).      Level

b).      State of fact

c).       Rank

d).      Job

43.    “to depend on” means:

a).      To trust

b).      To rely on

c).       To be certain about

d).      To belive for

44.    “wild” means:

a).      Uncontrolled

b).      Big

c).       Uncivilised

d).      Desolate

45.    “vacation” means:

a).      trip

b).      holidays

c).       free time

d).      time to spent


1.       Andrew likes to eat….good food.

a).      The

b).      A


d).      An

2.       After a few days Mark lost…..courage.


b).      the

c).       a

d).      an

3.       Hampstead is at 58 meters below….ground.


b).      Some

c).       A

d).      The

4.       The plural of “city” is:

a).      Cities

b).      Cityies

c).       Citys

d).      Cityis

5.       He has bought a new….of furniture.

a).      Part

b).      Bit

c).       Piece

d).      Slice

6.       Clear Customs if you have….to declare.

a).      Anything

b).      Something

c).       Nothing

d).      Somebody

7.       Mother is…..cook I know.

a).      The best

b).      Better

c).       The better

d).      The most

8.       A….dog was barking behind the door.

a).      Black, little, nice

b).      Nice, little, black

c).       Little, black, nice

d).      Black, nice, little

9.       …..45 seconds a plane takes off or lands at Heathrow.

a).      Each

b).      Every

c).       Either

d).      Whatever

10.    The little dog you `ve found is….

a).      Them

b).      My

c).       For theirs

d).      Mine

11.    They made it….

a).      Himself

b).      Themselves

c).       Ourselves

d).      Yourselves

12.    Andrew is the ….in the class.

a).      Tallest

b).      More taller

c).       Most tallest

d).      Taller

13.    Wren…is buried at St.Paul`s Cathedral.

a).      His

b).      Him

c).       Himself

d).      Herself

14.    The…..were invited at school.

a).      Pupils` parents

b).      Pupil`s parent

c).       Pupils` parent

d).      Pupiles parent`s

15.    I was born on the:

a).      December three

b).      First of December

c).       Dicember first

d).      Decembre first

16.    I….it was worth it.

a).      Hoped

b).      Has hope

c).       Had hope

d).      Have hope

17.    London is where the majority of big business in Britain…..

a).      Did

b).      Is do

c).       Was did

d).      Is done

18.    He…..his room yet.

a).      Has clean

b).      Hasn`t cleaned

c).       Isn`t cleaned

d).      Doesn`t cleaned

19.    The first group… the newspapers in the late 50swere the Teddy Boys.

a).      To see

b).      To be see

c).       To be seen

d).      Was see

20.    They…to stay at home this evening if it rains.

a).      Will

b).      Going

c).       Was going

d).      Are going

21.    Stansted….in the 1980s.

a).      Were built

b).      Was built

c).       Have been build

d).      Has been build

22.    A boy….by his history teacher to tell the story of Queen Elizabeth and Sir Walter Raleigh.

a).      Was asked

b).      Has been ask

c).       Had been ask

d).      Had ask

23.    Gershwin….to compose music for the upper layers.

a).      Haven`t want

b).      Had not wanted

c).       Has not want

d).      Hadn`t want

24.    Mary…Tom for two years.

a).      Had known

b).      Have known

c).       Was know

d).      Were know

25.    It`s a pity London….so many problems.

a).      Had

b).      Have

c).       Is having

d).      Has

26.    If I had stopped at Brasov we would….very late.

a).      Should get back

b).      Would get back

c).       Got back

d).      Have got back

27.    They complained that they…..all day.

a).      Has been singing

b).      Had sang

c).       Had been singing

d).      Have sing

28.    Last week I….to an exhibition of paintings in the Barbican Art Centre.

a).      Went

b).      Go

c).       Goes

d).      Gone

29.    If father were here he….us the money.

a).      Would give

b).      Would gave

c).       Will give

d).      Will given

30.    She… finish the book in time.

a).      Will be able

b).      Shall be able

c).       Are able

d).      Is able

31.    Follow the……..sign if you are ending your journey.

a).      Departures

b).      Arrival

c).       Passport Control

d).      Departure Lounge

32.    The most famous libraries in the world are at:

a).      The British Museum

b).      Barbican Arts Centre

c).       Buckingham Palace

d).      The National Gallery

33.    Henry III`s son was:

a).      Edward I

b).      Henry IV

c).       Richard the Lionheart

d).      John

34.    You may also want to have a book at Mayfair`s elegant Vitorian………

a).      Market

b).      Arcades

c).       Art gallery

d).      Pubs

35.    In London there is a …… of public transport.

a).      Large

b).      Sort

c).       Big

d).      Wide

36.    When Beowulf had reigned….years, his kingdom was invaded by a fiery dragon.

a).      20

b).      30

c).       10

d).      50

37.    Julie visited a fascinating exhibition with:

a).      Lizzie

b).      Catherine

c).       Jane

d).      Susan

38.    Choose the possible association:

a).      High, heavy, opaque

b).      Woodon, brass, cotton

c).       Plain, concrete, striped

d).      Peach, purple, floral

39.    “The Canterbury Tales” is a frame-story collection of…stories.

a).      10

b).      42

c).       24

d).      29

40.    “The Canterbury Tales” is made up of:

a).      Two pats

b).      Four parts

c).       Three parts

d).      Five parts

41.    Who accompanied Huck on his voyage?

a).      His sick father

b).      Tom

c).       Joe

d).      Jim

42.    Where do Angel and Tess find refuge at night?

a).      At Stonehenge

b).      At Stratford

c).       At Stonhenges

d).      At Straford

43.    What is General Burgoyne`s nickname?

a).      Gentlemanly Johnny

b).      Gentle Johnny

c).       Johnny the Brave

d).      Getlemenly Johny

44.    Who is dr.Sloper?

a).      Morris` uncle

b).      Catherine`s father

c).       Sally`s father

d).      James` teacher

45.    “phony” means:

a).      Crazy

b).      Telephoning

c).       Banal

d).      Hypocritical



1a, 2b, 3d, 4a, 5c, 6b, 7c, 8b, 9b, 10c, 11a, 12d, 13c, 14a, 15a, 16b, 17b, 18b, 19a, 20a, 21b, 22a, 23b, 24b, 25b, 26a, 27d, 28b, 29c, 30a, 31d, 32c, 33a, 34c, 35a, 36a, 37b, 38d, 39b, 40a, 41b, 42a, 43a, 44a, 45c.


1d, 2a, 3a, 4b, 5b, 6c, 7b, 8c, 9b, 10b, 11a, 12c, 13c, 14a, 15a, 16a, 17b, 18a, 19c, 20b, 21b, 22a, 23b, 24a, 25d, 26b, 27b, 28b, 29c, 30a, 31b, 32d, 33a, 34a, 35b, 36b 37c, 38b, 39b, 40a, 41b, 42a, 43a, 44b, 45b.


1d, 2b, 3a, 4c, 5a, 6a, 7c, 8b, 9a, 10b, 11d, 12a, 13b, 14a, 15a, 16b, 17b, 18b, 19c, 20c, 21a, 22c, 23b, 24a, 25d, 26b, 27a, 28b, 29a, 30a, 31c, 32c, 33a, 34c, 35a, 36b, 37b, 38a, 39c, 40b, 41a, 42b, 43a, 44a, 45a.


1d, 2a, 3c, 4c, 5c, 6b, 7b, 8d, 9a, 10b, 11c, 12c, 13c, 14a, 15b, 16d, 17b, 18a, 19b, 20a, 21b, 22c, 23c, 24b, 25b, 26b 27a, 28b, 29b 30b, 31c, 32b 33b, 34c 35a, 36c, 37a, 38a, 39a, 40a, 41c, 42b, 43c, 44c, 45b.


1d, 2a, 3a, 4c, 5c, 6b, 7a, 8b, 9d, 10a, 11b, 12a, 13d, 14b, 15a, 16a, 17b, 18b, 19c, 20a, 21c, 22c, 23a, 24b, 25c, 26a, 27d, 28c, 29b, 30b, 31b, 32a, 33b, 34a, 35b, 36a, 37a, 38d, 39a, 40c, 41b, 42c, 43a, 44a, 45d.


1b, 2b, 3d, 4b, 5b, 6a, 7c, 8c, 9b, 10a, 11b, 12d, 13a, 14c, 15b, 16a, 17a, 18c, 19c, 20b, 21b, 22b, 23c, 24a 25b, 26a, 27a, 28c, 29b, 30d, 31b, 32a, 33b, 34c, 35a, 36c, 37a, 38a, 39d, 40c, 41b, 42a, 43b, 44d, 45b.


1c, 2a, 3c, 4b, 5a, 6c, 7c, 8b, 9c, 10b, 11a, 12d, 13a, 14c, 15c, 16b, 17b, 18a, 19a, 20a, 21c, 22b, 23a, 24d, 25c, 26a, 27b, 28c, 29a, 30b, 31a, 32b, 33d, 34c, 35a, 36c, 37a, 38c, 39a, 40b, 41c, 42d, 43b, 44a, 45b.


1c, 2a, 3d, 4a, 5c, 6a, 7a, 8b, 9b, 10d, 11b, 12a, 13c, 14a, 15b, 16a, 17d, 18b, 19c, 20d, 21b, 22a, 23b, 24a, 25d, 26d, 27c, 28a, 29a, 30a, 31b, 32a, 33a, 34b, 35d, 36d, 37a, 38b, 39c, 40a, 41d, 42a, 43a, 44b, 45c.


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