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Roy Dupuis


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Roy Dupuis
Washington, George (1732-1799), first president of the United States
CARL ROGERS - 1902 - 1987 (Biography)
Albert Einstein - world-famous physicist

Born April 21, 1963 in Abitibi, Quebec, the sportive Roy Dupuis grew up enjoying part of his childhood in Kapuskasing, a small town in Northern Ontario before his family moved to Montreal.

The foundation to his career in acting was laid the day he saw the Movie 'Moličre'. His interest up until then being science, he dropped his physics classes and turned his attention towards the theater.

Fortunate circumstances led him to study at the National Theatre School in Montreal, which has a reputation equal to London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and New York's Juilliard School of Theatre. He was chosen out of 2,000 applicants and studied for four years, graduating in 1986. For his appearances in theater, cinema, and television, see '††† Error! Reference source not found.'

At thirty, Roy Dupuis is no longer the young show-off he used to be. He speaks of values, of fundamental choices, of discipline. He is in tune with nature and dreams of horses and a house which he will build with his own hands. He is learning to master his fascination for the void 'which one day could swallow him up,' says director Michel Langlois. When asked whom heís most afraid of, Roy Dupuis has this simple, concise answer : 'Myself!' 'Iím afraid that I will wake up tomorrow and no longer have the power to captivate. Itís true that charisma exists, but it can be short-lived.' What has he left to learn? The question surprises him. 'Learn? What does that mean? I have things to do, not to learn.'
-Excerpted text from a 1993 interview -

Roy Dupuis' favorite charity is the Error! Reference source not found.

Currently, the world traveler lives with his pets (2 dogs and a cat) in an 1840's farmhouse located outside of Montreal that he constantly likes to renovate, while also still enjoying an occasional athletic challenge. A 5-day navigation course is supposedly the latest adventure he has in the works. Peaceful sailing trips are ahead --probably with his girlfriend Error! Reference source not found. and a few books about astrology and Einstein as his shipmates. Bon voyage, Captain!

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