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Setup Instructions

dot net

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Setup Instructions
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Guided Tour
Building a mobile Web Form
Experience the Extensibility of Windows Forms
Build an XML Web Service

Setup Instructions

To install Visual Studio .NET, please refer to the Readme file on CD 1 of Visual Studio .NET or see the instructions in Appendix A.

Installing the Downhill Bikes Demo Overview

You will begin by installing a pre-built solution called Downhill Bikes. The Downhill Bikes solution demonstrates the use of Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework to create a next generation business application.

Installing Downhill Bikes Demo Solution

Note: For this Guided Tour to function properly, you must be using Visual Studio .NET. You must have SQL Server 2000 installed and running[AB1] . The demo is setup for you to be logged on as Administrator. If you are not logged on as Administrator; you need to be in the Administrator group. Make sure you have IIS and SQL Server 2000 running before you begin setup.

a.       Copy the DownhillBikes.msi to the root of your C: drive.

b.       Execute DownhillBikes.msi (Double-Click).

c.       Click Next (Welcome to the Downhill Bikes Setup Wizard).

d.       Click Next (Confirm Installation).

e.       Click Close (Installation Complete).

Now is a good time to do a basic test of the Web site with the following link to make sure Downhill Bikes is working. If the main page appears, you are ready to begin.

f.        Open a new instance of Internet Explorer and type in the following URL:


g.       Close the Internet Explorer Window.

DownHill Bikes – A Quick Tour

Downhill Bikes – Tour the Current Site

Overview of Part 0

Welcome to the Visual Studio .NET Guided Tour. This tour will cover the three key areas of the .NET developer experience: client applications, server applications, and XML Web services.

Today, the computing industry is converging on a new model for building software, enabling an integrated world of software applications for businesses and individuals. This model enables a standard way of connecting software applications and exchanging information using the Internet. This new, Internet-based integration methodology, called XML Web services, enables applications, machines, and business processes to work together in ways never previously possible.

In this tour, you’ll see how a fictional bicycle manufacturer takes advantage of XML Web services to improve customer service and operations. We’ll go through the steps as Downhill Bikes quickly adds functionality to its Web site to collect customer feedback. Next we’ll add new capabilities so that customers can check on the status of their orders and management can view real-time Web page hits.

Let’s start off by walking through the Downhill Bikes Web site as it stands today, by browsing the catalog, placing items in the shopping cart, and then placing an order. The Guided Tour will then step us through the addition of new client, server, and services features, using Visual Studio .NET.

Part 0: Quick Tour of the Site

Step 1 of 4: Browse the catalog

Click here to open DownhillBikes in Internet Explorer.

b. Use the drop-down list box to browse the four categories in the Downhill Bikes catalog.

Part 0: Quick Tour of the Site

Step 2 of 4: Add to cart

a. Click the add to cart [LLR2] button.

Part 0: Quick Tour of the Site

Step 3 of 4: Checkout

a. Click checkout.

b. Click sign in to authenticate onto the Downhill Bikes Web site.

Part 0: Quick Tour of the Site

Step 4 of 4: Confirm the order

a. Click place order to confirm the order.

b. After placing the order, you should see the order confirmation page.


You have just completed a walk through for the Downhill Bikes Web site as it exists today. The next step is to add functionality to the site by creating new XML Web services and then authoring code to integrate the new services.

 [AB1]Is this still the case?

 [LLR2] Have we chosen a product or two? Should we state the product selection step too?

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