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as linux command


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as [options] files

Generate an object file from each specified assembly language source file. Object files have the same root name as source files but replace the .s suffix with .o. There may be some additional system-specific options.


-- [ | files]

Read input files from standard input, or from files if the pipe is used.


With only the -a option, list source code, assembler listing, and symbol table. The other options specify additional things to list or omit:


Omit debugging directives.


Include the high-level source code, if available.


Include an assembly listing.


Suppress forms processing.


Include a symbol listing.


Set the listing filename to file.

-defsym symbol=value

Define the symbol to have the value value, which must be an integer.


Skip preprocessing.


Generate stabs debugging information.

-o objfile

Place output in object file objfile (default is file.o).


Display the version number of the assembler.

-I path

Include path when searching for .include directives.


Warn before altering difference tables.


Do not remove local symbols, which begin with L.


Combine both data and text in text section.


Quiet mode.

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