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fuser linux command


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fuser [options] [files | filesystems]

Identify processes that are using a file or filesystem. fuser outputs the process IDs of the processes that are using the files or local filesystems. Each process ID is followed by a letter code: c if process is using file as current directory, e if executable, f if an open file, m if a shared library, and r if the root directory. Any user with permission to read /dev/kmem and /dev/mem can use fuser, but only a privileged user can terminate another user's process. fuser does not work on remote (NFS) files.

If more than one group of files is specified, the options may be respecified for each additional group of files. A lone dash (-) cancels the options currently in force, and the new set of options applies to the next group of files.


Return all options to defaults.


Send signal instead of SIGKILL.


Display information on all specified files, even if they are not being accessed by any processes.


Request user confirmation to kill a process. Ignored if -k is not also specified.


Send SIGKILL signal to each process.


List signal names.


Expect files to exist on a mounted filesystem; include all files accessing that filesystem.




User login name, in parentheses, also follows process ID.




Display version information.

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