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groff linux command


+ Font mai mare | - Font mai mic


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groff [options] [files]

troff [options] [files]

Frontend to the groff document-formatting system, which normally runs troff along with a postprocessor appropriate for the selected output device. Options without arguments can be grouped after a single dash (-). A filename of - denotes standard input.



Generate an ASCII approximation of the typeset output.


Print a backtrace.


Enable compatibility mode.

-dcs, -dname=s

Define the character c or string name to be the string s.


Preprocess with eqn.


Don't print any error messages.


Use fam as the default font family.


Search dir for subdirectories with DESC and font files before the default /usr/lib/groff/font.


Print a help message.


Read standard input after all files have been processed.


Send the output to a printer (as specified by the print command in the device description file).


Pass arg to the spooler. Each argument should be passed with a separate -L option.


Read the macro file


Search directory dir for macro files before the default directory /usr/lib/groff/tmac.


Set the first page number to num.


Don't allow newlines with eqn delimiters; equivalent to eqn's -N option.


Output only pages specified in list, which is a comma-separated list of page ranges.


Preprocess with pic.


Pass arg to the postprocessor. Each argument should be passed with a separate -P option.

-rcn, -name=n

Set the number register c or name to n. c is a single character and n is any troff numeric expression.


Preprocess with refer.


Preprocess with soelim.


Use safer mode (i.e., pass the -S option to pic and use the -msafer macros with troff).


Preprocess with tbl.


Prepare output for device dev; the default is ps.


Make programs run by groff print out their version number.


Print the pipeline on stdout instead of executing it.


Enable warning name. You can specify multiple -w options. See the troff manpage for a list of warnings.


Disable warning name. You can specify multiple -W options. See the troff manpage for a list of warnings.


Suppress troff output (except error messages).


Do not postprocess troff output. Normally groff automatically runs the appropriate postprocessor.



Typewriter-like device


TeX dvi format


Typewriter-like devices using the ISO Latin-1 character set




75-dpi X11 previewer


100-dpi X11 previewer


HP LaserJet4-compatible (or other PCL5-compatible) printer

Environment variables


If set to be X, groff will run Xtroff instead of troff.


Colon-separated list of directories in which to search for the devname directory.


Colon-separated list of directories in which to search for the macro files.


If set, temporary files will be created in this directory; otherwise, they will be created in TMPDIR (if set) or /tmp (if TMPDIR is not set).


Default device.


Search path for commands that groff executes.

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