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rpcgen linux command


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rpcgen [options] file

Parse file, which should be written in the RPC language, and produce a program written in C that implements the RPC code. Place header code generated from file.x in file.h, XDR routines in file_xdr.c, server code in file_svc.c, and client code in file_clnt.c. Lines preceded by % are not parsed. By default, rpcgen produces SunOS 4.1-compatible code.


Produce all files (client and server).

Produce SVR4-compatible code.


Create XDR routines. Cannot be used with other options.


Produce ANSI C code (default).


Define the symbol name, and set it equal to value or 1.


Produce a header file. With -T, make the file support RPC dispatch tables. Cannot be used with other options.


Produce an inetd-compatible server.

-K secs

Specify amount of time that the server should wait after replying to a request and before exiting. Default is 120. A secs of -1 prevents the program from ever exiting.


Produce client code. Cannot be used with other options.


Produce server code only, suppressing creation of a 'main' routine. Cannot be used with other options.


New style. Allow multiple arguments for procedures. Not necessarily backward compatible.

-o [file]

Print output to file or standard output.


Create skeleton server code only.


Create RPC dispatch table. Cannot be used with other options.


Include support for RPC dispatch tables.

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