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named linux command


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named [options]

TCP/IP command. Internet domain name server. named is used by resolver libraries to provide access to the Internet distributed naming database. With no arguments, named reads /etc/named.boot for any initial data and listens for queries on a privileged port. See RFC 1034 and RFC 1035 for more details.

There are several named binaries available at different Linux archives, displaying various behaviors. If your version doesn't behave like the one described here, never fear -- it should have come with documentation.


-d debuglevel

Print debugging information. debuglevel is a number indicating the level of messages printed.

-p port

Use port as the port number. Default is 42.

[-b] bootfile

File to use instead of named.boot. The -b is optional and allows you to specify a filename that begins with a leading dash.



Read when named starts up.

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