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hwclock linux command


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hwclock [options]

System administration command. Read or set the hardware clock. This command maintains change information in /etc/adjtime, which can be used to adjust the clock based on how much it drifts over time. hwclock replaces the clock command. The single-letter options are included for compatibility with the older command.


You may specify only one of the following options:


Adjust the hardware clock based on information in /etc/adjtime and set the system clock to the new time.


Adjust the hardware clock based on information in /etc/adjtime.

--date date

Meaningful only with the --set option. date is a string appropriate for use with the date command.


Print information about what hwclock is doing.

-r, --show

Print the current time stored in the hardware clock.

-s, --hctosys

Set the system time in accordance with the hardware clock.


Set the hardware clock according to the time given in the --date parameter.


Do not actually change anything. This is good for checking syntax.

-u, --utc

The hardware clock is stored in Universal Coordinated Time.


Print version and exit.

-w, --systohc

Set the hardware clock in accordance with the system time.

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