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sysklogd linux command


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System administration command. sysklogd, the Linux program that provides syslogd functionality, behaves exactly like the BSD version of syslogd. The difference should be completely transparent to the user. However, sysklogd is coded very differently and supports a slightly extended syntax. It is invoked as syslogd. See also klogd.



Turn on debugging.

-f configfile

Specify alternate configuration file.


Forward messages from remote hosts to forwarding hosts.

-l hostlist

Specify hostnames that should be logged with just their hostname, not their fully qualified domain name. Multiple hosts should be separated with a colon (:).

-m markinterval

Select number of minutes between mark messages.


Avoid autobackgrounding. This is needed when starting syslogd from init.

-p socket

Send log to socket instead of /dev/log.


Receive messages from the network using an Internet domain socket with the syslog service.

-s domainlist

Strip off domain names specified in domainlist before logging. Multiple domain names should be separated by a colon (:).

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