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Entering Math and Text


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Working with Mathcad Styles and Templates
Entering Math and Text

Entering Math and Text

Entering Math

Click your mouse in the blank space below so you see a red crosshair cursor. Now type:

Type See on screen 

After you type the you see a little black box delimited by blue editing lines. In Mathcad this black box is called a placeholder. If you continue typing, whatever you type next will appear in the placeholder. For example, type in the placeholder, then press the equals key ( ) to see the result.

If you click outside the region, or press [Enter], you should see:

The basic operators are listed below, along with their keystrokes and Arithmetic Palette button equivalents. To see the Arithmetic Palette, click on the Math Palette button.

Math Palette button

Operation Keystroke Button Example






Notice that math in a Mathcad worksheet appears in familiar math notation -- multiplication as a raised dot, division with a fraction bar, exponents in a raised position, and so on.

Entering Text

To create a text region, click in a blank area of the screen to position the red crosshair cursor and type a double-quote [ You can also just start typing, and as soon as you type a space, Mathcad converts from a math region to a text region. Typing certain characters used in math will not automatically convert to a text region, so it is always safest to use the double-quotes.Now you can now type whatever you like, just as in a word processor. Notice that as the text region grows, a black box appears around it, and there are resizing 'handles' on the right and bottom edges of the rectangle. Once you are done, click outside the text region to go back to inputting math. The black selection box disappears when you're no longer working in the text region.

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