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Previewing an image in a browser


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Previewing an image in a browser
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Previewing an image in a browser

You can open a browser and preview an optimized image. You can preview the image in any browser installed on your system. The browser displays the image with a caption listing the image s file type pixel dimensions file size and compression specifications in the first paragraph and filename and other HTML information in the second paragraph. When you install Photoshop and ImageReady the first Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers found on your system are added to the Preview In menu. You can add additional browsers to the menu and specify which browser will be launched when using a keyboard shortcut.

To preview an optimized image in a browser:

Do one of the following:

(Photoshop) Choose File > Save for Web then select a browser from the Select Browser

Menu at the bottom of the Save for Web window.

(ImageReady) Choose File > Preview In then choose an option from the submenu.

(Choose Other to select a browser not listed in the submenu.)

(ImageReady) Select a browser from the Preview in Browser tool in the toolbox.

To add a browser to the Preview In menu:

Create a shortcut ( Windows) or an alias (Mac OS) for the browser you want to add to the menu.

Drag the icon for the shortcut or alias into the Preview In folder located in the Helpers folder in the Photoshop program folder.

Restart Photoshop and ImageReady to view the browser in the Preview In menu.

(ImageReady) To specify a browser to be launched by the Preview In keyboard shortcut:

Do one of the following:

Choose File > Preview In then choose an option from the submenu.

Select a browser from the Preview in Default Browser tool in the toolbox.

The shortcut specification takes effect immediately and will persist the next time you launch ImageReady.

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