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A notice is a simple letter that offers an information about something that happens and all customers should know. It tells you very important things; it is formal and impersonal. It should be simple, easy to read, but it must be dated and include the name of the person who wrote it. It must catch the peoples attention. The notice should apologize and suggest alternatives. Here is an example:


Closure, 2-20 May 2008

We regret that the hotel restaurant will be closed from 2 - 20th of May because of repairs to the floor. A cold buffet lunch will be served in the bar area on these days, but dinner will not be served during this period. Guests will find a number of restaurants close to the hotel.

Breakfast will be served as usual in the bar area.

We apologize to guests for any inconvenience caused to you.

Max Smith


20 April 2008

The notice has a clear heading at the top, the date, the name and the position of the person who wrote it. It contains all the necessary information. The tone is correct, quite formal, and impersonal, with the necessary apology for the inconvenience caused to the guests.


The minute is an official record of the actions taken by a group. It is written by the secretary who is supposed to record the meeting as well as she can. Write out the minutes fully from your notes, give them to the chairman for distribution. What you write should be written objectively and factually without your opinions being reflected. A minute is a record of what was done. It should contain the following ideas:

name of the group holding the meeting

kind of meeting(special, regular)

date and place of the meeting

subject of the meeting

names of the persons attending the meeting(chairperson, secretary)

time the meeting was open

action of the group, stating exactly what motions were made and their position; the name of the person making the motions, seconding the motions, the members and how each voted

time of adjournment and the time of the next meeting

signature of the secretary and of the chairman

Here is an example:

Hilton & Hilton

Minute of a regular meeting of the committee on new construction April, 2nd 2008

Subject:  review of items of work on the X Hotel

Attendees: A.V., chairman

S.B., secretary

S.K.; V.O.; L.P.;


the meeting was opened by the chairman at 1p.m.

the minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as read

A.V. summarized the status of work.

V.O. believes that.

S.K. says that

L.P. reported that .

There being no other business, the chairman closed the meeting at 3p.m.; the next regular meeting is scheduled for 20th May at 2p.m.

A.V. chairman

S.B. secretary

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