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Do you need the mom's consent to test the BABY for HIV


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Do you need the mom's consent to test the BABY for HIV?

Baby must have HIV test

Mr Justice Wilson made his ruling at the High Court in London

A baby at high risk of having HIV will have to be tested for the virus even though her parents oppose it following a landmark ruling in the High Court.
The move has massive implications for parents' rights to decide what treatments their children should have.

The girl - who cannot be named for legal reasons - is four months old and her mother is HIV positive.

Her parents believe in the effectiveness of alternative medicine and say it has kept the mother healthy so far.

They had said they feared they would lose control over the way the child was treated if the test goes ahead.

But Camden Council said the baby could die if she is also HIV positive and goes untreated, and wants the child to receive the highest standard of medical treatment available.

'Baby's rights come first'

In a High Court ruling on Friday, Mr Justice Wilson said the child would have to have the test.

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