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The Wetter the Better - Actresses - video


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The Wetter the Better - Actresses - video

The Wetter the Better #1

Studio: 3rd Degree


Director: Chris Streams

Runtime: 124 minutes




[Anal Squirt Bald A2M]

Audrey Hollander

[Facial DP DPP DAP]

Chris Charming

Lee Stone

Dawn Kelly

[Facial Squirt]

Melissa Lauren

[Anal A2M Creampie]

Mark Ashley

Mark Wood

Stacy Silver

[Anal Facial DP]

Mick Blue

Otto Bauer

Scene 1. Audrey Hollander, Melissa Lauren, Otto Bauer

Scene 2. Dawn Kelly, Mark Ashley

Scene 3. Chris Charming, Mick Blue, Stacy Silver

Scene 4. Lee Stone, Aria

Scene 5. Audrey Hollander, Mark Wood, Otto Bauer

Description Slip and slide is the theme here. Nothing feels better than a nice juicy pussy or slippery wet ass! These huge cocks are sliding down the gullet, slipping inside these perfect little pussies and soaring up their tight wet asses.


Special Features: You only get the most standard of extras with this release. The best is an average-length behind the scenes featurette. You also get a photo gallery, cumshot recap, and trailers. 3rd Degree could have given their customers much more value had they provided a few more quality extras.

Audio/Video Quality: Wetter the Better is presented in the standard full frame ratio as are more of 3rd Degree's releases. Overall the video quality was solid with only the most minimal of flaws. There was scarcely any pixilation or edge enhancement; and when there was it was hardly noticeable. The colors were warm, flesh tones realistic, and no cases of bleeding. There was plenty of natural and artificial lighting used so shadows were never a concern. The audio is plain ol' 2.0 stereo and sounded adequate. Overall a solid release technically speaking.

Scene 1: Katsumi. Katsumi is the exotic beauty on the cover of the DVD. Wearing a skimpy bikini, Katsumi spends several minutes posing and splashing around in a waterfall. Once her man appears, she hops out and starts to give him head. She really went at it, often deep throating his meat. While outside on the patio they couple fucks in a bunch of different positions. My favorite part was when Katsumi got violated from behind while standing – a very sexy position. The scene ends with Katsumi, on her knees, taking a messy cumshot to the face. I really liked how she worked her body in this scene – good job Katsumi!

Scene 2: Emmanuelle. Walking along a sunny beach is Emmanuelle, a slender brunette. After strolling for a few minutes she meets up with her man. They head into a secluded part of the beach where they quickly disrobe and get naughty. Emmanuelle gives him a very energetic blowjob, often using her mouth and hands to satisfy him. They then fuck in a plethora of different positions, getting very sandy in the process. Emmanuelle really put on a good show and made it look like she truly enjoyed the experience. A healthy dose of man gravy is deposited on her face as the scene ends.

Scene 3: Ginger. The third scene stars a blonde cutie named Ginger. Not only is she attractive, but her body is out of this world. After sitting in a hot tub, Ginger is greeted by her partner. She gives him an amazingly fast=paced blowjob, often staring straight into the camera. While sitting on a lawn chair the couple fucks in a variety of different positions. I can't emphasize enough how great her body looks while getting worked over. Ginger's hard work is rewarded with a wear cumshot in her mouth. My favorite scene on the disc.

Scene 4: Annabella. Annabella starts off her scene by taking of shower. With the water running down her tan skin she feverishly masturbates. The second her partner shows up Annabella drops to her knees and slurps up his cock. As good as she normally looks, Annabella looks even better with a dick shoved in her mouth. They proceed to fuck n the following positions: reverse cowgirl, missionary, spooning, and cowgirl. As you might expect the scene ends with Annabella receiving a messy cumshot to the chest and chin.

Scene 5: Lisa. Like the previous scene, this one begins with a shower scene. Lisa washes up while showing off her huge jugs. Now that she is squeaky clean, Lisa starts things off by giving her man some head. She started off a little slow, but was really going at it by the end. They begin screwing in the reverse cowgirl position followed by missionary, doggy style, and spooning. I really liked all the sexy facial expressions she made while getting violated. A close-up of Lisa getting a blast of nut juice in her mouth finishes the scene.

Final Thoughts: The premise of Wetter the Better is kind of silly. The girls are only wet for the first few minutes of each scene. From then on it's like any other porno. The girls do show plenty of energy and enthusiasm, but overall I felt it was missing that special 'something'. Unless you find an amazing deal on this title, I'd limit it to just a rental.


I see all the good ingredients present for this title. You have hot girls, multiple cocks, and add in a little water and I think we have ourselves a winner. Dawn Kelly looks real good holding the hose on the cover, now let's find out how good she is holding another kind of hose!

Melissa Lauren: First, though, we get to watch this most impressive import from France. Melissa is such fun to watch and in this scene she starts out standing in a pool and we see her underwater at first as the shot then comes up into the bright sunlight. The ground view for Melissa is most impressive as she runs those hands over her body and then the shot goes back underwater as she touches her pussy. There are some sunlight issues but I like the vibe they were going for so I went along for the ride. Melissa takes her time losing the bikini so you should be rock hard once her bottoms are peeled off. Appropriately she uses a clear glass toy to aid in this interesting tease and the shots going from above to below water are handled good for the most part. Miss Lauren then gets some company and those pretty lips are soon wrapped around a hard cock. Some good gagging is seen though some shadows hamper the view I think. Moving inside the views get 100% better as some anal is shot standing in doggie. Melissa does some gagging/ ball licking A2M before it's dp time with the toy in her ass. The next bit of action sees Melissa royally skull fucked and check out the spit rolling back over her one eye. The anal sex then continues in mish, reverse cowgirl, piledriver where both toy and cock are in her ass. We close with the pop fired directly to her reddened asshole and yes you hear some cumfarting. The scene isn't quite over as Audrey Hollander comes in to lick the cum from Melissa's ass and we see Melissa squat over Audrey's face so the last bits can spill out.

Dawn Kelly: We see as this scene opens it's time for a little car washing and Dawn is scantily clad as the water sprays over the nice ride before her. She is so nice spraying the water over her outfit so her nipples and pussy become very visible. Ok, this girl has got some seriously big tits and quite the nice ass as well. Those twin towers get used to rub the soap in and Dawn does the cool thing of pressing her boobs against the glass and her ass also gets in on the rubbing action. Mr. Ashley then moves in and some good finger play is shot to Dawn's pussy. Miss Kelly then gets to engulf Mark's cock and she does a fine job taking his tool deep into her mouth. Using the car as a bed, Mark lies Dawn down and starts licking/ fingering her sweet pussy and she does squirt some, a first for her as we learn in the BTS. The sex is then started standing style as Mark holds tightly as Dawn bobs up and down. You also see mish, doggie with P2M, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl-- awesome floor shots, and they close with a good spunk splash to Dawn's tongue and she spills some onto her tits then rubbing it in.

Stacy Silver: Up next we see this blond goddess lounging in the pool and check out her top, the material barely covers Stacy's nipples. Stacy then gets out and she does some primping for us and I think you'll like the boob shots and her fine bootie gets shown off also. We get some nice pussy shots before it's back up to her tits and Stacy even does a little nipple licking. Stacy is then on her knees engulfing two cocks, Mick Blue & Chris Charming. You also see titty fucking and she even double stuffs their schlongs. Sexwise you get a standing doggie, a standing mish with Stacy reaching back to jerk Chris off-- the fellas change back and forth in this standing action. Moving to her ass next Stacy is drilled in doggie, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl dp, a standing dp and finally her pretty face is jizzercized.

Aria: We're back to the pool as Aria tempts us sliding her perfect ass in and out of the water. She shows off her asshole before turning around so we can see her frontside. Aria pulls her tits out and in the process letting them get nice 'n' wet. Some sexy facial glances are shot our way as more good shots of Aria's ass are captured. A small butt plug is then used to pry her ass open and we get a great floor shot of her inserting it. Aria then walks over to where Lee Stone's erect penis is waiting and she's soon hard at it sucking his rod. Some nice developments occur when Lee picks Aria up, holds her upside down so she keeps sucking him off and he gets to dine on her tasty pussy. Lee then turns her back over slipping his cock in her pussy for a standing cowgirl. Moving on you get a fine bouncing reverse cowgirl and she erupts all over herself and the lense. Staying in reverse cowgirl Lee then slips into Aria's ass and she has a great orgasm here. This very wet scene closes in doggie with Lee leaving his seed in Aria's pussy and we see some spurt out.

Audrey Hollander: We stay outside as this last scene opens with Audrey splashing some water over her exposed breasts and the water also cascades nicely down her bottom which she dips in and out. This sexy redhead just exudes the raw kind of sexuality that just drives me wild! There is some good pussy play by Audrey and check out how hard those nipples are. From afar you see her cocksmen is waiting but Audrey still has a little teasing left to do before she strolls over letting us oogle her ass cheeks the whole time. A good gagging blowjob soon gets underway to two cocks and Audrey is so hot stuffing both dicks in her mouth. Moving inside they continue with the hard dick sucking and then the sex starts in mish plus some anal lovin is shot. A great pounding doggie anal follows yielding a good gape, then it's on to a cowgirl dp plus double pussy before it's reverse cowgirl time with a dp and double anal for our fiery redhead. Two good jizz shots end this awesome scene.

Extras & Final Thoughts: Well, I thought this was another winner from 3rd Degree Films. Some nice tease throughout and I thought all the girls brought good energy to their scenes led by Melissa, Aria, and Audrey. Xtra wise you have a photo gallery, some trailers, the pops are repeated, and you get some behind the scenes. Some fun stuff is scene with Lee and Aria plus some water gets sprayed on Stacy before she poses for pics. Dawn then appears in street clothes and she breaks out her tits for us. We also see Dawn playing with the hose. We close with the lovely Melissa Lauren, you see the camera they used for the underwater shots and finally the sexy Audrey shows off her smokin bod!! Good show.


The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Chris Streams and 3rd Degree have both been extremely impressive. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Initial Reaction: It’s good, but not quite as good as most of what I’ve seen from Chris Streams.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a nice mix of sex that isn’t afraid to get nasty

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and pretty sex or a lot of squirting action

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are every bit as good as I hoped for with 3rd Degree. The audio is clear and well balanced through most of the movie, but it does get a little soft when Chris is taking with Stacy in the third scene. The video is nicely done. It’s very clear, but the lighting varies a little. Most of the time this seems like it’s for artistic effect, but it does get in the way a little a couple times.

Music: There’s a little music at the start of each scene. It’s soft and sexy, and definitely starts the scenes out right.

Menus: As usual, the menus show some nice care. The main menu works together the boxcover with a bit of animation. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene, a scene number, and the name of the girl in each scene.

The Feature

As usual, Chris Streams has picked a common theme for his movie. This time the theme is water. As each scene begins the girls are doing something involving water, and often play around a pool.

Scene 1 - Melissa Lauren and Otto Bauer The camera comes out of the pool to admire Melissa in a light purple sheer bra and panties before she climbs in to show off a little more. They move in and out of the water before Melissa breaks out a clear dildo to put to work on her pussy. Soon after she’s joined by Otto, who lets her take his cock out of his shorts and put it into her throat. Melissa grabs onto Otto’s cock before they head inside and lets him work on her pussy a little after teasing her ass with it. She has Otto fuck her ass from behind and eagerly sucks his cock clean when he pulls it out of her ass. Otto helps her work up to a technical DP with the help of her glass dildo before letting her lie back for a little anal missionary and hop up for a reverse cowgirl anal ride. Melissa kicks it up another notch by letting Otto pile drive her ass, and then slides the dildo in to join it. Melissa lets Otto stroke himself into her gaping ass and then fuck it in. Finally, she blows cum bubbles out her ass before Audrey rushes it to eat it out of her ass and remind everybody that sharing is caring.

I had pretty high expectations for this scene from the little I’ve seen of Melissa, and she definitely didn’t disappoint me here! She and Otto have great chemistry, and seem to know just what each other needs. I can see some people being a little uncomfortable with this scene at times. I know that Melissa likes to be pushed, but others might feel a little off with some of her looks at the camera as she gags on Otto’s cock. I also love the addition of Audrey at the end of the scene, which I think kicks things up another notch. This is a great way to start out the movie.

Scene 2 - Dawn Kelly and Mark Ashley Brunette Dawn starts things out washing a car and hosing down her white bra and panties. She also squeezes out the sponge across herself before Mark joins her and starts playing with her pussy. She gets on her knees to try taking Mark into her throat before he lies her back on the good to work on her pussy with his tongue and fingers. Mark picks Dawn up to give her a midair cowgirl fucking before lying her back down for a little missionary work. Mark also gives it to her doggie style and lets her ride him in the cowgirls. Finally, Dawn hops off to let Mark splash a nice creamy load across her tongue so she can let it run out of her mouth and down over her tits.

This is a pretty good scene that I just couldn’t get into. There’s nice chemistry and nice energy, but there’s just something about Dawn’s look that didn’t do anything for me. This is one of those cases where I can look at the scene, see that everything there is nicely done and realize that I should be getting into it really well, but I just can’t.

Scene 3 - Stacy Silver, Chris Charming, and Mick Blue Stacy starts her scene out floating around a pool on an inflatable chair. She comes over to show off for Chris and to talk with him a bit before let lets Chris and Mick go wild on her. Stacy drops to her knees to welcome them orally before bending over so that Chris can fuck her while she continues to pleasure Mick orally. Mick takes his turn fucking Stacy as she stands in front of him, and gets a little stroking when Chris takes another turn from behind her. Mick takes another turn facing Stacy while Chris warms her ass up with his fingers, and then fucks her ass doggie style while she gives Chris a bit more oral love. Chris takes his turn reverse cowgirl style before Mick joins in to double stuff Stacy. They also work Stacy up to a cowgirl DP and a standing DP before letting her have a gooey double facial.

This is a darn hot scene. Stacy does a great job working between the guys and balances her time very well between the two of them. She takes the double penetrations with the same ease as just taking a cock in her pussy, and always looks like she’s enjoying herself. Chris Charming even manages to keep his mouth shut pretty well, which was kind of like the icing on the cake for this scene. Stacy and the boys do a very nice job with this scene.

Scene 4 - Aria and Lee Stone Aria starts out the penultimate scene bouncing her beautiful ass in and out of a pool. She lets Chris admire it as she plays with it, and even works a blue buttplug he gives her in and out of it. Aria comments that it’s not quite as good as the real thing, and giver that he is, Chris soon after lets her have a real one as well as the rest of Lee. She immediately takes Lee into her throat, and soon after lets him flip her upside down for a standing sixty-nine. Lee flips her back around for a technical DP with a midair cowgirl until Aria’s buttplug falls out, and then lets her have a reverse cowgirl fucking until she squirts all over. She continues to squirt as Lee fucks her ass, and sucks his cock clean after he reams her ass in midair. Lee also gives it to Aria’s ass from behind before moving back into her pussy. Lee launches his baby batter into Aria’s pussy to finish things up, and she squirts it right back at him as soon as he pulls out.

This is another smoking hot scene. For anybody who’s watched Lee and Aria together, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. Aria frequently turns out hot scenes, and more often then not they’re when she’s partnered with Lee. This is another of those scenes, and it moves along at nearly a perfect pace while Aria looks like she’s having the time of her life. Lee just kicks things up another notch, and lets Aria take things even further. I know a lot of people skip past Aria, but with scenes like this they really should be giving her more attention.

Scene 5 - Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer, and Mark Wood Audrey starts things out playing along the edge of a pool. She shows off her nearly bald pussy and plays around a little before moving over to let Otto fuck her throat while Mark watches. She moves over to give him a little oral love as well as taking both cocks into her mouth before grabbing both cocks and taking them inside. Audrey lies back so Otto can fuck her snatch and lets him work back and forth between her holes a few times before sucking her ass off his cock while Mark goes to work on her holes. The guys also work Audrey over doggie style and even double team her. They start with the standard double penetration and then both move into Audrey’s pussy. They follow it up DPing Audrey reverse cowgirl style and then doubling up on her ass while she sees how many fingers she can cram into her pussy. Finally, the guys splash their liquid love across Audrey’s face and let her swallow a little down.

This was an okay scene. It looks like there’s some very nice chemistry between Audrey and the guys, but hearing somebody should “Open your ass you fucking whore” turns me off about as often as does the thought of Janet Reno naked. I mean, yeah, Joey Silvera might be able to make both things work in one of his Road Trip movies, but most of the time it just doesn’t work. Audrey does a great job trying to be a superslut, but she does so in a way that makes it seem like she’s begging for attention. That attitude never does much for me even when I think the performers into it. I’m sure there’s a lot of people with a different thought on that, and I’m sure this scene will work much better for them than me.

Wetter The Better is a pretty hot porno. Chris Streams does a nice job with the water teases, and as usual brings in a little variety to his scenes. I like how he adds a little underwater footage to start things out as well as keeping things simple by talking with Stacy before her scene. There’s normally nice chemistry in the scenes, and Aria and Melissa easily led the sex in the movie for me. Unfortunately, a couple of the girls didn’t do much for me (namely Audrey and Dawn), but I think some of that is personal preferences that many others won’t have. As usual, Chris does a very nice job balancing his camera work and helps things look nicely beautiful. Wetter the Better isn’t Chris Streams’ best work, but it’s still well above average.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Don’t Tell My Daddy, We All Scream for Ass Cream, CamelHoes, Up’r Class, and Crack Addict. The photo gallery contains roughly thirty great looking snapshots. There’s also a cumshot loop and a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about fifteen and a half minutes. After a quick talk with Lee Stone about the weather, they move over to chat with Aria in the makeup chair. It moves on through a few photos with Stacy before catching up with Dawn before she gets changed. There’s a bit of fun in back before she moves out to have Chris show her what he’s looking for and a quick talk about squirting. Melissa gets her turn after they’re done with Dawn, and gets oiled up and shown what Chris is looking for to play with his underwater camera. There’s even a little of Audrey giving Chris wood. It’s a nice behind the scenes featurette, and definitely worth checking out if you enjoyed the movie.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, toys, masturbation, anal, ass to mouth, DP, DAP, rimming (female > female), cumfarting, cum eating, squirting, and DPP


Wetter the Better is the first 3rd Degree film I have watched, and it made me excited I have so many more to see. This is one studio that is going to make a lot of noise this year. If you haven't 'tried' their product yet, start with this one. I knew Joey Wilson (3rd Degree) when he was making the Fusxion line such a success (I have always thought that Pat Myne, Bridgette Kerkove, and Britney Foster where turning out some great porn there). I have been a big Chris Streams and Danny Case fan. So, I was expecting very good things from 3rd Degree… but with Wetter the Better, they did even better than I thought.

If you are tired of the 'same-old, same-old' gonzo, try this one. Wetter the Better incorporates water into the start of every scene. Instead of just a 'what is your name? how long have you done this? what are you going to do today?' opening, Director Chris Streams gets you 'wet' before the sex even begins. These are some of the best teases I have ever seen. I think many people will have the problem of blowing their load in the tease before they even get to the sex! I haven't been this turned on by a tease in a long, long time. Now this is porn!!!

The cast in this movie is incredible, the sex is amazing, the camera work is so good… My recommendation? Beg, borrow, or sell your stocks… but order this movie immediately! And, then add 3rd Degree to the list of studios to check out thoroughly.

Scene Length:

Scene Type: Boy/Girl

Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Toy, BJ, Deep Throat, Anal Sex, ATM, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Cream-Pie

Sex Positions: Doggie Anal, DP, Missionary Anal, Reverse Cowgirl Anal, Pile-Driver, DAP


Can I just say - I LOVE the tease in this scene!!! Makes me want to go and have scuba sex again right now!) Chris takes his camera underwater and we are treated to a rare and incredibly sexy view - Melissa's luscious body underwater. Her white bikini becomes deliciously see through as it gets wet.

Melissa Lauren is without question of the top performers in porn right now. If you have been missing out on Melissa, you have been missing out… She is so perfectly gorgeous and has such an incredible body… mixed with sexual energy and appetite that few girls can deliver. It is rare and special to get both qualities in the same girl. Melissa is that girl.

Melissa produces a glass dildo in the shape of a fist, rubbing it over her pussy and letting us peek through this make-shift window. Otto enters and receives a wicked Blow Job for his trouble. Soon he's led inside by his cock. No sooner are they inside then Melissa is bent over the couch with Otto's cock in her ass.

Once again picking up the toy, Otto plugs the glass fist deep inside Melissa's ass while his own cock pounds her tight pussy. Otto straddles Melissa's face for a hard-core throat fucking as her tonsils suck the pussy from his cock.

Melissa's ass is fucked hard and long in position after position, even going for a brief Double Anal in Piledriver before Otto dumps his creamy load in her ass. Our parting wave is a cum bubble from Melissa's ass. Audrey Hollander is watching Otto's scene and can't help but jump in to suck the cum from Melissa's ass.

Great Scene. Melissa and Otto are a great pairing - Otto is quickly becoming one of the top go-to guys in the biz - and I loved the surprise entry of Audrey at the end. This is a great way to open a movie.

Scene Length:

Scene Type: Boy/Girl

Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES ON] - BJ, Fingering, Tit-Fucking, Squirting, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Facial

Sex Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl


Dawn runs the hose over her white bikini as she soaps up her car. That'd be a charity car wash and a half! This busty 19 year old presses her Double D's against the window - giving it a 'special' scrub. Next we see her tight ass as it slides up and down the window. [Note: I think it'll take a few attempts for most people to see this whole scene - it is really hard to get through even the opening without blowing your load already.] If you're not already wet and sticky here at the start… check your pulse.

Mark joins her soon enough, sliding his fingers inside those wet panties. He grabs her by the hair not knowing where to go - those tits or those lips? He settles on both getting a quick suck before sliding between those tits. Then laying her back on the car, he fingers her till she squirts.

Without further ado Mark picks up our filthy teen and places her neatly on his cock - giving us a nice standing missionary before laying her on the couch -conveniently outside) - for a deeper stab.

Once he's inside Mark's not coming out anytime soon) The two fuck every which way giving us an awesome display of Dawn's tight body. Great camera angles! Finally, unable to hold out any longer Mark drops a well earned load over Dawn's upturned face.

Great scene. Dawn can wash my car anytime) Loved the tease! This tease was amazing even for Chris Streams; he out-did himself in this one.

Scene Length:

Scene Type: Boy/Girl/Boy

Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - 2-Cock BJ, Tit Fucking, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, ATM, Facial

Sex Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl Anal, Cowgirl, DP


Hmmm… Stacy Silver. I am very glad we're not related because there's many naughty things I'd like to do with her) Barely wearing an orange bikini, Stacy floats around the pool on a multicolored pool chair.

Streams tries his Jedi mind trick - 'come to me' - and cum she does. I lost it early… right when he squeezes those stunning butt cheeks… WOW. After Streams loses it he sends in the professionals.

Stacy gets on her knees sliding those thick lips from cock to cock. The talk by Chris Charming kind of ruined this part of the scene for me. It is hard to enjoy Stacy with Chris' voice moaning 'oh yeah, like that'. I recommend the mute button here.)

Soon the boys are fucking her sideways as they bid to get her to themselves before they decide to share with a satisfying DP. Great shots as Stacy is stuffed full of cock.

Finally, they both cum in her open mouth and she sucks them both clean before letting it drip out over her body.

Good Scene. The sex is hot and Stacy is scorching. I took a little off the rating of this scene due to the male vocals.

Scene Length:

Scene Type: Boy/Girl

Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Toys, BJ, Deep Throat, Vaginal Sex, Squirting, Anal Sex, ATM, Internal

Sex Positions: 69, Cowgirl, DP, Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl Anal, Doggie Anal,


Fans of Aria's will no doubt know she's also a national body builder. Think of this as her porn workout session.) We watch as she squats into the cool pool water… her tight ass rising up and down… she rolls over, arching her perfect body in the water. She swims out and licks the camera, swirling around in the water. Streams pulls her bottoms to one side and she bobs her ass up and down before sliding her finger in her asshole.

Aria slides a butt plug in her ass. She slides it in and out and fucks it by the pool edge before strolling over to suck Lee's cock - butt plug still in place. Lee soon has her upside down in a vertical 69. He flip her back onto his cock for a standing cowgirl. Her butt plug falls out amid their pounding.

They then move into some pussy pounding with Aria squirting all over the camera. Having worked with Aria myself, I can assure you she cums hard and real every-time. This is a girl who truly loves sex and takes it rough.

Done for now with her pussy, Aria rides Lee's cock in her ass. Loved the aerial Reverse Cowgirl Anal! So hot. Finally he cums inside her pussy.

Great scene. Aria and Lee are perfectly suited and I love the acrobatic edge to their scene.

Scene Length:

Scene Type: Boy/Girl/Boy

Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - BJ, 2-Cock BJ, Deep Throat, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Anal Sex, ATM, Facial, Cum-Swallowing

Sex Positions: Missionary, Missionary Anal, Doggie Anal, Cowgirl, DP, DPP, Reverse Cowgirl Anal, DAP,


Our scene begins with a very wet Audrey scarcely in an orange bikini. Her nails are painted in the same color, glowing through the cool blue water. She plays and teases, the ends of her long red hair trailing in the water. If you haven't 'met' Audrey yet - prepare to fall in love. This dainty red head is one of the most hardcore performers to hit porn in recent years.

She strolls across to Otto and Mark and is soon choking down inches and inches of hard cock. Audrey places both cocks in her mouth at once before taking each down to it's base producing long thick streamers. They move inside and Otto's soon got her legs spread wide as he pumps her pussy.

She fucks and sucks, bouncing on cock after cock and always tasting her ass. Suddenly there's two cocks in her pussy as this super whore shows what it means to be double stuffed. After a lip stretching Double Pussy Penetration (DPP) it's into a straight DP and for dessert a Double Anal Penetration (DAP). But Audrey is just getting started. She takes Mark's cock in her ass before she flips up to take Otto and back to Mark as Otto gets his cock sucked clean.

The guys finally blow their loads in Audrey's mouth and she swallows.

Great scene! I love scenes with Otto and Audrey. The positions are always imaginative and the sex is energetic and hardcore.

Behind The Scenes

Cum Shot Loop

Photo Gallery


Behind the Scenes

Lee Stone dreading the bath-like warmth of the pool and the 100 degree outside heat

Chris and Lee wearing the same shorts, lol!

Aria in the make-up chair

Stacy Silver gets oiled down, pretty girls, sex stills

Dawn Kelly: 19, Chris oils her down (hard life Chris ;), Pretty Girls, Dawn asks 'what's the difference between squirting and peeing?'

Melissa gets oiled up, pretty girls, the underwater camera

Audrey shows us her sexy orange bikini, Chris oils her up, pretty girls


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