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Standard Training Manual for Espresso Drinks made onboard Princess Vessels

The purpose of this training manual is to help educate you on the basics of espresso and espresso based coffee drinks.

This will ensure that our passengers are provided with the best espresso beverages and customer service.


The objectives of this manual are to:

  • Teach you how to correctly use equipment and supplies used in making espresso drinks.
  • Follow health, safety and cleanliness standards in making espresso drinks.
  • Prepare milk to the correct Princess standard.
  • Brew espresso to the correct Princess standard.
  • Prepare espresso drinks to the correct Princess standard each and every time.
  • Present espresso drinks in the correct glassware to Princess standards.

Basic Quick Tips for Preparing Milk:

Always prepare the milk PRIOR to making the espresso shots.

Always start with fresh, cold milk.

Use a clean, cold stainless steel milk foaming jug.

Use the appropriate amount of milk for the beverages you are making. Remember that milk can double in volume during steaming.

Always aerate the milk. This will result in a sweet, creamy product. Milk that is not aerated will taste flat and dull.

How to Serve Great Milk Every Time:

  • Open the steam valve until steam releases to empty any excess water in the steam wand.
  • Place the tip of the steam arm just below the surface to the milk.
  • Open the steam valve.
  • Aerate the milk, which means keeping the tip of the wand just below the surface of the milk. Continue to slowly pull the pitcher down as the foam forms.

for a café latte: aerate for only a few seconds

for a cappuccino: aerate until the milk doubles in volume

  • When the correct amount of foam has formed, you should raise the milk jug up, allowing the steam arm to go to the bottom of the jug. By doing this, you allow the milk to warm to the correct temperature.
  • Be aware of the sound change when steaming milk. As the temperature increases, the sound becomes more muffled. When the milk reaches 150F, close the steam valve.
  • Remove the milk jug. The milk temperature shown will continue to rise. Milk should be served between 150F & 170F.
  • Be careful. Briefly open the steam valve into a damp, clean cloth allowing any trapped milk to be released.

  • Wipe of the steam arm with a clean, damp towel.

Espresso Facts:

  • Espresso is not only a beverage; it is a method of brewing coffee, using a pump-driven machine to force hot water through finely ground coffee.
  • The term espresso, which means rapid in Italian, is used for this beverage because of the speed of the brewing method.
  • The espresso machine was invented in Italy at the start of the 1900’s.
  • It was not until the 1940’s when the technology for pump-driven machines appeared, that espresso as we know it today, thick and rich – was possible.
  • A shot of espresso gets its caramel sweet flavor from the roasting process.

What to Look for in a Perfect Espresso Shot

The shot should be:

  • Sweet and intense, with a caramel & nutty aftertaste.
  • It should be topped with a “crema”, the foamy, sweet topping on the shot.
  • Should be brewed for between 18-23 seconds.
  • Used within 10 seconds of brewing.
  • One ounce for a single and two ounces for a double.

  • Periodically throughout the day use a shot glass to view the espresso when timing your shots.

How to Pull a Perfect Shot of Espresso:

  • Place the coffee handle under the coffee grinder. Pull the coffee grinder once for a single handle and twice for a double handle.
  • Press the coffee firmly and evenly into the handle using the grinder tamper.
  • Wipe the excess ground coffee from the rim of the handle.
  • Secure the handle into the coffee machine head. When possible, place the cups under the handle and brew the espresso directly into the cup.
  • Press the appropriate button to pour the shot of espresso. You should time that the shot takes between 18-23 seconds.
  • Incorporate espresso shots into a drink within 10 seconds of brewing.
  • After the drink is made, remove the coffee handle and knock the grounds into the box.

Espresso Recipes:

  1. Espresso - Add 1 shot of espresso to a warmed cup.
  1. Café Americano – Add 2 shots of Espresso and fill to top of cup with hot water.
  1. Café Latte – Add 1 shot of Espresso, fill cup to ¾ full with steamed milk and top with foamed milk.
  1. Cappuccino - Add 1 shot of Espresso, fill cup to halfway with steamed milk and top with foamed milk.
  1. Café Mocha – Add 1 ½oz of chocolate syrup in cup, fill cup to ¾ full with steamed milk and top with spray cream.

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