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snowboards models


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snowboards models

Burton Custom 162 Snowboard 2008

description :

No other board in history has had more influence on the progression of modern-day freestyle than the Custom. With Mads Jonsson, Heikki Sorsa, and Mason Aguirre at the controls, freestyle's future has never been brighter. As the shred crew continues to explore the outer limits of what's considered possible on a snowboard, the design crew continues to explore the outer limits of whats possible for the Custom. Now available in wide sizes for riders with bigger boots.


> Cores

Super Fly II Core

> Glass

Carbon I-Beam

> Base

Sintered WFO Vision Base

> Shape


Condition : New

Price : US$ 280

Burton Vapor '08 163wide Snowboard

description :


+ Vaportech Construction

+ NEW Sintered N20 WFO Base

+ Vaportech Alumafly Core

+ Multizone EGD

+ NEW Vaporskin CarbonDrops Weight, Adds Snap

+ Infinite Ride

+ Stainless Steel Pressure Distribution Edges

+ Pro-Tip

+ Negative Core Profile

Condition : New

Price : US$ 700

Burton Vapor Custom 162 Wide

description :

Brand: Burton

Bindings: Without Bindings

Length (cm): 162 Condition:

New Price : US$ 295

Burton Vapor Custom 162 Wide 2008

The Supermodel snowboard from Burton. Return of the freeride legend. Redesigned, reshaped and rebuilt, but embracing the same freeride philosophy that made it famous, the NEW Supermodel blends 30 years of knowledge into definitive snow-surfing ATV.This board screams all-terrain, air-to-fakie versality. Prepare to ride faster,bigger,steeper, and deeper without rear leg burn or limitations.


Sintered WFO base

Powder Fly II core

Dualzone EGD

Carbon I-Beam

Triax response fiberglass

Feel: 6

Infinite ride

NEW Pro sidewalls


Slightly tapered shape 10mm

Negative core profile

Gender : Men

Bindings : Without Bindings

Condition : New

Price : US$ 350

Features Specifications: 2008 Burton Supermodel 163 Snowboard


Sintered WFO base

Powder Fly II core

Dualzone EGD

Carbon I-Beam

Triax response fiberglass

Feel: 6

Infinite ride

NEW Pro sidewalls


Slightly tapered shape 10mm

Negative core profile

Gender : Men

Condition : New

Price : US$ 320

Features Specifications: New Burton 08 Dominant 146 snowboard

SIZE 146

With a design driven by Ryan Lounge, Burton tweaked the flex, making the Dominant stiffer in the center and the tail for increased jib control, ollie power and butterability. The light and durable Super Fly core packs shocking energy through transitions without being squirrelly on steep, icy landings. As the ultiate jib stick, the Slick smoothly transitions from a recessed edge where it would normally come in contact with rails to a traditional normal turn initiation.


Lightspeed Vision Base

Super Fly Core

Dualzone EGD

Biax Fiberglass

10:45 Sidewalls

Price : US$ 270

Condition : New

Features Specifications: BURTON CUSTOM X 164 SNOWBOARD


US $520

The Burton Custom X- Absolutely the best performing board, the Custom X has unmatched control and versatility. Spiced up with the best technology available on the market, pushing the pedal to the metal on all mountain performance. Immediate response and a new freestyletuned flex with Burton's fastest base yet. Burton's Custom X Snowboard will take you from park to pipe then down deep into the back bowls later in the day. Never be held back again. The one board that will do it all- Kinda like One board to rule them all. The stepped-up performance package of the Burton Custom X includes a Sintered WFO base, Dragonfly core and Pressure Distribution Edges lets you ride faster, turn quicker and boost larger than ever before


Sintered WFO Base, Dragonfly Wood Core, Multizone EGD, VaporSkin Topsheet, Carbon I Beam, Infinite Ride, Positive Core Profile, Stainless Steel Edges, Pressure Distribution Edges


# 164

# Waist Width- 25.1

# Sidecut- 8.44

# Effective Edge- 1280


US $780

The Burton Vapor is the most technologically advanced all-terrain board on the market- PERIOD Ride faster Go bigger than you ever dreamed possible- the Vapor is lightest snowboard Burton's ever built weighing only 5 lbs- you think it, the board does it, Like extending your mind over matter. You'll change the way you ride- just change your board to a Vapor.


# Vaportech Construction

# Sintered WFO Base- the fastest base in the Burton line

# Alumafly Core- The highest quality aerospace engineered material

# Multizone EGD

# Lite Triax Fiberglass

# Carbon I-Beam torsionally stiffens without affecting the ability to turn

# Infinite Ride rides the same on day 100 as it did on day 1

# Negative Core Profile

# Stainless Steel Edges

# Pressure Distribution Edges- half mm thicker edge at the binding mount- instinctive turning

# Hand crafted by gringos and such


# Waist Width-25.4

# Sidecut-8.20

# Effective Edge- 1272.5

Features Specifications: BURTON JUSSI 154 SNOWBOARD


US $490

The Burton Jussi snowboard is named after none other than Finland's famous pro rider Jussi Oksanen. A lot of good riders are coming out of Finland now but Jussi was the original. He designed his board to be stable on the steeps in Alaska and still the shape allows a board that is great to ride in the park or the local school yard rail. The new Burton Jussi is fun to ride anywhere on the mountain, thanks to the Super Fly II Core and Triax Response Fiberglass. The 154 is a Directional Twin, you can attack the park and float the tree lines with out too much leg burn.


Sintered Vision Base; SuperFly II Core; Triax Response Fiberglass; Infinite Ride; Directional Twin Shape; Elliptical tip and tail kicks


# Length-154

# Waist Width- 24.8

# Sidecut- 7.81

# Effective Edge- 1185

Features Specifications: BURTON JEREMY JONES 159 SNOWBOARD


US $490

This board is the limited edition model of his regular board. It comes in a 159cm length and utilizes Burton's new infinite hole pattern with only two screws mounting to a track. This model has all of the same construction features of his other models, with a distinct limited edition style. The Jeremy Jones LTD rules parks and destroys urban rails. A little longer that his other models this board cuts clean lines down backcountry steeps to big BC booters. Just like his other boards this model is built around a heart of high-tech construction. Burton's Dual Zone EGD is built into the Super Fly II core for superior control in any situation. The sintered Vision base brings impact-resistance and graphic appeal to the bottom side of this ride-anything machine!

# Waist Width- 25.5

# Sidecut- 7.72

# Effective Edge- 1215

Features Specifications: BURTON FEELGOOD 149 SNOWBOARD


US $420

With a narrowed waist for womens feet and a softer flex pattern the Burton Feelgood One of the most well known, best performing womens decks on the market that initiated several imitators, but there is only one original. The Feelgood is the only choice for female riders who need one board that can truly do it all. The Feelgood delivers power and strength on command, Burton's fastest base yet and smooth edge-to-edge transitions combined with long-lasting pop for days and days of shredding. No matter your pleasure: park, pipe, or pow and backcountry, the Feelgood is sure to deliver


Features-Pro Tip, Super Fly II wood core, DualZone EGD, Sintered WFO Base, Burton Infinite Ride Technology


# Length-149

# Waist Width- 23.9

# Sidecut- 7.39m

# Effective Edge- 1142.5

Features Specifications: 2009 Burton Custom Wide ICS Snowboard 162 cm/ 154 cm


Ability Level Intermediate - Advanced

Core Material 100% Wood

Dims: Tip 301.0mm (157), 304.8mm (162), 308.4mm (167), 313.0mm (172)

Dims: Waist 258.0mm (157), 260.0mm (162), 262.0mm (167), 265.0mm (172)

Dims: Tail 301.0mm (157), 304.8mm (162), 308.4mm (167), 313.0mm (172)

Effective Edge 1210.0mm (157), 1255.0mm (162), 1300.0mm (167), 1350.0mm (172)

Rider Weight 130-180lbs (157), 155-205lbs (162), 165-220+lbs (167), 175-220+lbs (172)

Sidecut Radius 21.5mm (157), 22.4mm (162), 23.2mm (167), 24.0mm (172)

Stance 560mm (157, 162, 167, 172)

Price $390 Wide Price $ 154cm

Width Wide

2009 Burton Vapor Snowboard 157 cm

Price USD 590

Detailed Product Description

Specs :

Core Material Alumafly Honeycomb

Dims: Tip 282.4mm (150), 287.5mm (153), 292.0mm (157), 293.8mm (159), 300.2 (163)

Dims: Waist 241.0 mm (150), 245.0mm (153), 248.0mm (157), 249.0mm (159), 254.0mm (163)

Dims: Tail 282.4mm (150), 287.5mm (153), 292.0mm (157), 293.8mm (159) 300.2mm (163)

Effective Edge 1142.5mm (150), 1172.5mm (153), 1212.5mm (157), 1232.5mm (159), 1272.5mm (163)

Rider Weight 110-160 lbs (150), 115-165 lbs (153), 125-175 lbs (157), 130-180 lbs (159), 155-205 lbs 163)

Sidecut Radius 7320mm (150), 7520mm (153), 7790mm (157), 7910mm (159), 8200mm (163)

2009 Burton T6 Snowboard 156 cm

Detailed Product Description

Specs :

Ability Level Advanced - Expert

Core Material Alumafly Honeycomb

Dims: Tip 284.4mm (152), 287.8mm (156), 290.8mm (159), 293.5mm (162)

Dims: Waist 242.0mm (152), 244.0mm (156), 246.0mm (159), 248.0mm (162)

Dims: Tail 284.4mm (152), 287.8mm (156), 290.8mm (159), 293.5mm (162)

Effective Edge 1160.0mm (152), 1200mm (156), 1230.0mm (159), 1255.0mm (162)

Rider Weight 115-165 lbs (152), 125-175 lbs (156), 145-195 lbs (159), 150-200 lbs (162)

Sidecut Radius 7410mm (152), 7690mm (156), 7910mm (159), 8120mm (162)

Price: 550$

2009 Burton Supermodel Snowboard 152 cm

Price 390$

2009 Burton Custom X Snowboard 156 cm

Detailed Product Description

Specs :

Core Material Wood

Dims: Tip 281.8mm (147), 286.2mm (152), 291.0mm (156), 292.8mm (158), 294.4mm (160), 297.5mm (164), 301.0mm (168)

Dims: Waist 241.0mm (147), 244.0mm (152), 248.0mm (156), 249.0mm (158), 250.0mm (160), 252.0mm (164), 254.0mm (168)

Dims: Tail 281.8mm (147), 286.2mm (152), 291.0mm (156), 292.8m (158), 294.4mm (160), 297.5mm (164), 301.0mm (168)

Effective Edge 112.5mm (147), 1172.5mm (152), 1212.5mm (156), 1232.5mm (158), 1250.0mm (160), 1285.0mm (164), 1325.0mm (168)

Rider Weight 80-130 lbs (147), 115-165 lbs (152), 125-175 lbs (156), 130-180 lbs (158), 145-195 lbs (160), 155-205 lbs (164), 175-210+ lbs (168)

Sidecut Radius 7160mm (147), 7580mm (152), 7970mm (156), 8090mm (158), 8190mm (160), 8460mm (164), 8730mm (168)

Price 390$

2009 Burton X8 Snowboard 155 cm

Detailed Product Description

Specs :

Core Material Wood

Dims: Tip 288.1mm (151), 291.4mm (155), 294.1mm (157), 297.2mm (160)

Dims: Waist 247.0mm (151), 249.0mm (155), 251.0mm (157), 253.0mm (160)

Dims: Tail 288.1mm (151), 291.4mm (155), 294.1mm (157), 297.2mm (160)

Effective Edge 1145.0mm (151), 1180.0mm (155), 1200.0mm (157), 1230.0mm (160)

Rider Weight 110-160 lbs (151), 120-175 lbs (155), 125-175 lbs (157), 145-195 lbs (160)

Sidecut Radius 7370mm (151), 7610mm (155), 7750mm (157), 7950mm (160)

Price 380$


2009 Burton Co2 Est Snowboard Bindings Matte Black

Detailed Product Description

Features :

Baseplate: 50:50 carbon fiber/nylon composite EST

Hi-back: Canted Living Hinge real Mesh hi-back

Straps: Ultrastrap Air and New Ultra Capstrap

Buckles: Dual-component Smooth Glide buckles Cushioning: New Removeable SuperBED cushioning system with B3 gel heel cushioning Rides exclusively with boards featuring the infinite Channel System

Color : Matte Black

Sizes : M, L

Price 220$

2009 Burton C60 Men's Snowboard

Detailed Product Description


BASEPLATE: Single-Component Carbon Fiber/Nylon Composite

HI-BACK: Canted Living Hinge Carbon Frame Hi-Back

STRAPS: Ultrastrap Air and NEW Ultra Capstrap

BUCKLES: Dual-Component Smooth Glide Buckles

CUSHIONING: Gapless Baseplate Padding, NEW Under-Baseplate Dampening Pad [50% Lighter], and B3 Gel Heel Cushioning

COLOR: Black

SIZE : M ; L

Price 220$

Features Specifications: 2008 Burton C60 Snowboard Bindings

2008 Burton C60 Snowboard Bindings

Price US $170

Size M

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