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Lancair Legacy 2000 for Flight Sim 2004


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Lancair Legacy 2000 for Flight Sim 2004

v 1.0

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Thank you for downloading the Lancair Legacy 2000. This project has been a labor of love, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Features: Full compliment of moving aerodynamic surfaces, Fowler flaps, detailed retractable landing gear, steerable nose gear, rotating tires, flexing suspension, speed brakes, landing lights, detailed virtual cockpit interior with illuminated gauges and moving controls, moving pilots head, as well as reflective exterior surfaces with specular highlights. Three paint schemes are included, and thanks to Dan Watkins for contributing Tweety . Latest addition includes Virtual Pilot Network v1.4us by Nick Schreger (MeatWater) and Jared Smith. See VPN folder and readme file for details.

Flight dynamics: Engine portion - Bob Samuelson, aerodynamic portion - Robert Christopher. Revs to follow.


If you have the FS2002 version of my Legacy 2000 loaded in FS2004, please remove for best results.

UnZip file to the Flight Sim 2004 main directory. Legacy2000 will be created in your Aircraft Folder. Inside will be sub folders, which include Gauge, Effect, and DLL folders.

Copy *.gau files to the main Gauge folder, and *.fx files to the Effects folder. The Gaugesound.dll must be placed in the root FS2004 directory. Some have found Gaugesound.dll unnecessary. If system problems occur, remove Gaugesound and restart.

3) Enjoy!


Manufacturer Neico Aviation

Length 22.3 feet

Wing Span 25.3 feet

Gross Weight 2200 lb.

Engine 6 cyl. Continental IO-550-N 310 BHP

Acceleration Limits +4.4 and 2.2g at gross weight

Airspeeds IAS:

Never Exceed, Vne 274K

Maneuvering, Va 158K

Best Rate of Climb, Vx 135K *

Best Angle, Vy 100K *

Stall, Clean, Vs 68K *

Stall, Dirty, Vso 58K *

Flap Extension, Vf 111K

Gear Operation, Vge 140K

*(Sim may vary)

Operations Info:

1) Steering Standard (Modified due to customer request) .

2) Take Off - Typically 1 notch of flaps - Trim (5) check the window above

the trim wheel in 2D - Rotate at 70-75K - should come off at 80-85K.

3) Climb Out - Retract gear - retract flap - gently lower the nose - trim

accordingly. Trim is very important during acceleration.

4) Cruise - Should be around 220 to 240K - depending on altitude, temp, etc.

5) Prep for Landing - Apply speed brake to slow - gear at first white arc,

flaps at second white arc

7) Pattern - Around 120-130K

8) Landing - With brake, gear and full flaps typical speed on final is around

100-110K, short final at 90K(power as necessary), and touch down around 80K.

In the VC, if you put the top of the left cowling cheek on the threshold lights

and hold 500 fpm decent, she comes in very nicely. Typical flare may obscure

the runway just before touchdown. Gently lower the nose and apply

even brakes.

VC Lights - There are two small switches on the 2D panel next to the landing

gear light for panel (right) and gauge (left) lights at night. The landing light is

activated by the 'Taxi Light' switch.

Sorry, nothing opens such as canopy, etc. I did not want to do any further

cutting on the fuse trying to keep the smooth curves.

VC Gauges - To get the smoothest flight performance possible while in the VC,

gauges are mounted on individual planes. This in turn slows the update of

the gauges.

There is also a Compass (Window2), 2D engine gauge (Window 3), and FS GPS

(Window 4).

Your comments would be appreciated. I can be contacted at

Updates will be released as available.

Legal Notice:

* This package is for freeware use only, and may not be included in any commercial product, or website without express written permission from the author. No portion of this package may be used without prior written permission from the author.

* Any repaints or add-ons must be submitted to author prior to release for written authorization.

* No release of add-on files may include the original aircraft files without prior written authorization.

* I accept no liability for any effect this package may have on your system.

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