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Local Price in EPC net – Administration Guide


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Local Price in EPC net – Administration Guide

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DCAG Local Price in EPC net

Admin Guide

Author: Rainer Englisch

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EPC net version 1.13.8 or newer

Local Price config file in a defined format

Local Price text input file in a defined format


EPC net

Price config


This document is the System Administration document for the EPC net Local Price feature.

The objective of this document is to show an administrator how he can enable the local price feature with a locally supplied price file.

In a later step will the install and price spool-in be managed from the EWAAdminTool, but in this stage EWAAdminTool is outside of the scope.


These are the assumptions upon which this admin guide is based.

EPC net version 1.13.8 or newer

Local Price config file in a defined format

This file is currently not part of the delivery.

Local Price text input file in a defined format

This file will not be part of the delivery.


EPC net

Run first a new install or update with an EWA net version including at least EPC net 1.13.8.

Price config

Only when the following config file exists, is the price feature enabled.

Create a text file named epc_price_cfg.xml with the following content:



<PARAMETER name='Currency'>€</PARAMETER>



The file must be saved under <EWAnetHome>configepc_price_cfg.xml.

Currency :
Defines the display for currency in EPC net independent from the System locale setting. Examples: $ , $ , € , or USD, EUR…

The current EPC net GUI language defines the displayed number format.

Example:. If the database has an entry for Price1 as 1234.57 and the user selected GUI language is German and the ‘Currency’ parameter = €, the configuration below will be displayed to the user as “€1.234,57”.

Local Price Text Input File Format

The localprice.txt file which will be used as an input file must have the following fields,

o        Part Number  the part number with KB Code+(and/or)ES1+(and/or) ES2.

o        Price1  price1

o        Price2  price2

o        Price3 price3

The part number cannot contain spaces.

There are three different entries for price, namely Price1, Price2, Price3.

The price values must be stored as a FLOAT REPRESENTATION STRING value.

Please ensure to use “.” as a decimal separator.

The file must be <TAB> delimited.

The file must ensure an EOF at the end of the file.

Here are a couple lines from a text data file defined as shown above:

A1234567890EB93  12.99 10.34 9.50

N11122233344496  126.44 98.00 89.00

N111222333444  126.44 98.00 89.00

N11122233344496EB93  126.44 98.00 89.00

The Part Number will be stored with the KB Code and without spaces

Price DB install

The install or update of EPC net 1.13.8 or higher will create an empty price DB file.

A ProQuest tool will be used to spool in the price text file into the DB.

The tool can be found under:


After start of the tool a dialog will ask for the location of the local price text input file.

Select your price input  file and <Open> will spool in all price data.

Display on Utilities Dialog

There is a display option on the utilities dialog which can be invoked using  < F2 > to set the PRICE DISPLAY to “ON” or “OFF”.

If the Price Display option is turned “OFF” the user will not be able to see any price data in the shopping list and if the option is turned “ON” the user will be able to see the price data and would be able to toggle between “Price 1 Only” and “All Prices” with the function key CTRL F11

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