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AMV Convert Tool


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AMV Convert Tool

AMV Convert Tool


     This tool used for transforming the media files to the AMV file format which can be played by MP3 Player of our company, the support converts of the video file format has below several kinds:

1) The AVI format file of the by extended name avi;

2) The Windows Media format file of the by extended name asf, wmv;

3) The MPEG1 format file of the by extended name mpg, mpeg;

4) The Realplay format file of the by extended name rm;

5) The Quicktime format file of the by extended name mov;

6) The MPEG2 format file of the by extended name vob;

Usage terrace: Windows98, Windows Me, Windows2000, Windows XP. The Windows Media Player pleases upgrade 9.0 and above edition; The DirectX pleases use 9.0 and above edition.

2.Install software

     The AMV Convert Tool installs convenience, simple, fast, the concrete operation is as follows:

1) Start the PC, after entering the Windows system, put the installing CD of the tool into the CD-ROM , the system circulates the installing program automatically, according to hint to click the ' next 'button, being to hint installing success click ' close 'button to complete the installing;

2) If the PC has never established the auto circulates function, needing to install the program manually:

A: Double click the Setup.exe file in the root directory of CD to start the guide of installing;

B: According to hint to click the 'next' button, being to hint installing success click

 'close' button to complete the installing;

      After completing the install, born' MP3 Player Utilities 'program group in startprogram menu, among them the ' AMV Convert Tool' is the convert tool, and that ' AMV Player' used for playing AMV file which be converted by the AMV Convert Tool.

3.Circulate software

1) Brief introduction of button

   Run the software can pass to click the start button program menu, choosing the ' MP3 Player Utilities' ' AMV Convert Tool', canning immediately open the tool interface, at below chart marked the name of the each button with purple font clearly, such as chart:

While using this tool, if the button is valid, make the mouse to stagnate on the button, after 2 seconds display the name on that button.

2) Adding the media file

     After running the software, can pass to click the add file button to add the media file (namely the file which wait for converting, in continuation if have no special elucidation, the media file all points the file that need to be conversion), as follows interface:

Click the path of the media file that need to be conversion, in this interface clicks the right small button of the ' file type' to select the fit file type, after selecting one or more media file accurately, click the ' open ' button, the file path interface display as follow the chart: (the chose file type in the below chart provides to consult only)

After adding the file, display the path of the media file at convert the tool ' input file ' column, the state column displays interrelated information of the added file, such as select box, file name and path, state, file time length etc, as follows chart red label to show:

3.3 Play the media file

    This convert tool has function that play the media file, playing the file premise to have installed the related decode, the detail in the 'announcements' of the following text. In state column pitched on a single media file, the starting play button is valid, click to play button at this time to start playing the file, concrete operation as follows interface:

After the file starts playing, in rate of progress column display rate of progress, but in the state column the state of the file from' unsettle' change into 'success'; file time from'0:00' change into file actual time length; Tool interface of' stop ', ' pause' the button is valid at the same time, clicking above two buttons can stop or the pause playing file, the interface display as follow interface:

Elucidation: When media file state from' unsettle' change into' success' indicate the PC to have installed the decode of this file type, the tool can play the media file, and can proceed to convert after stopping playing, certainly before not playing the media file it can start converting directly also, but for converting the media file success, we suggest that the user makes sure the file can proceed the conversion after playing.

4.Convert the file

4.1 Choose the file that needs to be conversion

      In the state column, appellative left side of each media file has a select box and a file number, when adding new file, default that options beats the hook, namely the file is pitched on. The select box used for choice several media files to convert continuously, if the select box did not beat the hook, indicating to have canceled to pitch on, can't be converted in convert process.

4.1.1 Pitch on and cancel of the media file Clicking select box can pitch on or cancel the media file directly, as follows interface: In addition to clicking the select box directly, can also pass to click ' choice' with' cancel' of file right key which will be cancel to make sure the media file that need to be conversion, as follows chart:

4.1.2 Deletion of the media file

In the media files that already added, if want to delete some media files, can pass to click one or more chose file's right key, choose 'delete', the file will be deleted in the list.

4.2 Specify the save path of the AMV file

The default save path for this tool is C:, before converting files, pass to click' output file' column the right-hand AMV save path button to specify the save position of AMV file, as follows interface:

While flicking choose path dialog box, after choosing wanted to save path, please click' ok' button, as follows chart:

After completing the step that choice save path, at the convert tool interface ' output file' column will display the save path of the AMV file completely. As follows chart:

4.3 The parameter set

      Convert tool has the function to set AMV file parameter, such as set intercept the video snippet, length and width of video, play frame etc. Entering the attribute interface has below two method:

a. Choose one or more media files, then click ' output information' column set button enters;

b. Choose one or more media files, then click the right key of the file, choose ' set' enters; concrete set will elaborate on in the below text. The below chart is that convert tool default parameters for AMV file, such as chart:

4.3.1 intercept the primary video snippet

Intercepting the video snippet to take out from the media file a fragment for needing proceed the conversion, at this time should set the start position and the end position of the video fragment. Intercepting the video fragment has two kinds of set method; the concrete operation is as follows: At the attribute interface proceeds to set

First pitch on ' cut source video snippet ' left select box, enable video start time point and end time point edit, input corresponding time, the interface is as follows the chart:

The above chart shows: Intercept the current media file from 1 min 10 sec to 3 min 20 sec fragment.

Elucidation: If don't choose 'cut source video snippet ' left select box, then the tool will transform the whole media file. At play the media file interface proceeds to set

 In course of play the media file, display the related information of

AMV file that will be converted in output information column of tool interface,

Such as: Start time, end time, circulate time, total time, the ' start position' and 'end position' two buttons of the this tool interface  is valid at the same time, as follows chart:

 When click the 'start position' button, at start time column will display start time point that current choice, as follows interface:

Equally, click 'end position' button, at end time column will display end time point that current choice, as follows chart:

After two time points are selected, click 'select' button in the tool interface, namely make sure the intercepted file time length, and display at circulated time column, when converting only to convert the intercepted snippet, as follows chart:

Is shown as chart above, intercept the current media file from 1 min 41 sec to 2 min 26 sec fragment, total 45 sec time.

If want to cancel the intercepted fragment, can pass to click' cancel ' button to complete, at this time circulate time column becomes the file total time again, comeback before clicks 'select' button interface manifestation, while converting will convert whole file.

Attention: method of intercepting video fragment is fit for one or more media file together set; .The method of intercepting video fragment can only to complete while playing media file, and only valid for the playing file.( namely the single a file intercept)

4.3.2 Choose video length and width of AMV file

AMV files high & length are two mode:  96*64128*96 pixels. Please correct choose the mode for cooperate your MP3 Player. As follows chart:

4.3.3 AMV file playing frame numbers each second

The AMV file playing frame numbers each second has high, middle, the low three kinds, the tool default is middle. As follows list:

4.3.4 Insert picture for none picture

  The options default is hook. for more wonderful effect, please use the default settings.

4.3.5. Replaces the old audio file with the new audio file

Replaces the old audio file with the new audio file is refers chooses the new audio file (WAV type file) to replace the current media files audio partial, the video partial still continued to use the media file original video. You can click the 'Substitute new audio for old audio' button to open a dialog box, as follows interface:

Like on the chart demonstrated that, clicks on the icon to choose the new audio file path, after selects the correct audio file, clicks 'OPEN' the button, as follows chart

Correctly select the new audio file, ' Substitute new audio for old audio' dialog box will display the new path , this time please click the 'OK' button, as follows chart:

After increases the new audio file, property setting surface demonstration is following chart:

4.3.6 Insert wave for not enough wave

The options default is not hook, for get more wonderful effect, please use the default settings.

4.3.7 miscellaneous setting:  the overwrite file is replacing the currently position already exists file by new convert AMV file. This options default is hook. The tool maybe abnormity if you not choice the item.  the play after converting means AMV Player begin playing AMV files automatically when converting mission was over. This options default is hook  try other codec is tool can attempt to convert the file which no correct codec supported

We suggested that youd better to use the default settings.

4.4. Convert file

4.4.1 convert

After completes the system settings, please inspect one more time the file which will convert by tool has hits the hook, clicks directly button and tool will begin convert be selected file, as follows chart:

4.4.2 Play

After convert completes, the AMV Player will play AMV file automatically. If the AMV file will played by AMV Player correctly, thats means converting is success. As follows chart:

4.4.3 complete convert


5. Attention proceeding

If you want to convert the Realplay, Quicktime, MPEG2 format files, please first install the corresponding decoder.

When you convert Realplay, Quicktime, When MPEG2 (DVD) format files, if your Windows Media player cannot play this file, then you need to install corresponding compatible decoder for Windows Media player, until the Media Player will normally play this file, otherwise the tool is unable to normal work

This operating manual arranges in order the picture only to supply the reference




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