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USB Cables Instruction for SONY Ericsson Series


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USB Cables Instruction for SONY Ericsson Series

Software function: edit logo, ring tone and phone book, realize high- speed data transform synchronization, receive and transmit multimedia messages, and support GPRS.

Support types: P800/802,P900/908/,T266/266s,T230Series,T300/306,T310/312/316,T630/628,T68,Z200/208,Z600/608,T618 and so on.

Software Install

Insert the CD to CD-ROM, open it and find the ImageEditor_2.0.0, the setup.exe of ESM multimedia message Sony Ericsson MMS Home Studio, the setup.exe of dial-up network wizard Install, synchronization software Package1_1.5.10.21, then click to setup.


1. Before you install the synchronization of phone book, you must run Microsoft Outlookmake sure it is not the outlook of operation system and all setting is right firstly.

2. You must restart your operation system after finished installing, and then you can use this software.

Software application

1            GPRS

Insert SIM cardpower phone onthen use USB cable to phone and computer. Click the icon on the desktop to enter GPRS network setting and COM port setting. If you r connecting is correct, then pop up a window shown as figure 1, enter the relative GPRS parameter to right place, and then you can use GPRS network setting. Please consult local telecom department for detail parameter.

figure 1

If you fail to find your phone open my computer ->property->hardware->equipment management, find the COM port that is converted from USB , pay attention to the number of the port in equipment managementclick setting settingand select COM in the window which pop up after failing to connect shown as figure 2. In the figure 2 select COM3 port the state is forbidden stateafter clicking it becomes startup state(you can forbid the other ports) then click icon again to start GPRS network setting. When you run other program and fail to find your phone, you can repeat this setting.

Figure 2

2 Image Editor

Insert SIM card to phonepower phone onuse USB cable to connect phone and computer click to edit image. Pop up a window show as figure 3.

Figure 3

Click phone to select your phones type. Following we take T618 as example.

Click file to select the picture to uploadyou can download from network),and to edit shown as figure 4.

Note: If the phones connection is in normal, then the button of download is green; if it is gray, it means the connection is out of order, so you must repeat the COM port setting.

The red frame of the window is the selecting frame. There are 6 editing controls under the selected picture:

: amplify; : lessen; : rotate;

: adjust intensity; : adjust contrast; :edit color.

After adjusting, click to save.

⑥ After finishing editing, click to download, then phone will display picture message. You can select accepting or refusing. It is successful to transmit edited image.

Figure 4

2           Multimedia Message Settings

Find the icon and open, then pop up a interface shown as figure 5:if the connection is correct, then the color of download button is black, otherwise it is gray.

You can select more pictures and more ring tones to download. After finished, you can find the download files in phone message->multimedia messages -> template.

Figure 5

Click to select the picture you want to transmit and then double click or click (add) to make the picture appear in the middle of interface(it also appears in the LCD of phone in the right).Then click download, pop up a window shown as figure 6. phones LCD appear 刚到项目(New item), click (YES) to download. After finished, computer will prompt 下载完毕(Finish download). If the transmission is out of work during transmitting, computer will prompt 传输中断(Transmit interrupt).

Figure 6

Click to edit text. If the picture is selected then text message will appear on the picture. You can edit text in the text frame such as changing front and so on. The download process is the same as picture download.

,click to add ring tones, after selecting ring tones, you can pre-listen for example: Select, click to pre-listen, click to delete. The download process is the same as download pictures.

4       Data synchronization

find the icon and double click it, then show a interface as figure 7.

Figure 7

                  Click synchronize, phone show synchronizing and computer pop up a window shown as figure 8.

Figure 8

At last, it prompts finish synchronizing..

   Then you can open the outlook of office, click contacts, and then outlook show up the content of your phone.

   Click any contact to edit, and save changes to computer. Then you can save it to phone by means of synchronization. It is OK after your phone prompted the changes of information.



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