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Planet Crisis - Games Description - Instructions


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Planet Crisis - Games Description - Instructions
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Planet Crisis

Games Description:

The world depends on you. Rescue planet Earth from intruders that try to siege it. Equipped with weapons and shields, you can help defeat the enemy. Experiences and cruising abilities will lead you to victory. Remember! When you're in crisis, the only hope is to contain the intruders with your own forces. Good luck!!


Control your spaceship by using stylus to tap on the location you want your spaceship to be on the screen.

Move UP: to launch missile.

Move DOWN: to stop launching the missile.

Press ENTER: to launch the bomb.

Power up your missile by collecting special items.

For every 4,000 points, you will get one free spaceship.

Installation Methods:

Extract the file 'PlanetCrisis.SIS' from the Zip file.

Connect the P800 to your PC via the cradle and PC Suite.

Double Click on the SIS file on your PC to initiate the download/installation onto your phone. Follow the instructions on the PC screen.

After you have completed the installation, run the program.  There will be a window for filling the Serial Number. Click at the “combination” and press ok.

At Sony Ericsson P800 display, there will be a set of “combination” which you need to enter into the URL:

After that, you will receive an Unlock Password for registration.  From your Sony Ericsson P800, press the register button, the Unlocked Password window will appear, fill in the Unlock Password.

The process will be successful; you can play games limitless.  If you did not follow register, you can only play the game for 30 days.

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