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TERMENI importanti pentru acest document


I. Rewrite the following sentences so as the meaning stays the same.

1. She wrote the minutes right after the meeting.

The minutes

2. Everybody can see from the statistics that more and more women are running companies.

The statistics

3. It is advisable that in case of fire the premises be evacuated immediately.

The premises

4. Look! They are raising the colours.

Look! The colours

5. You have to exchange the scales.

The scales

6. The little girl is taking the cattle to the river.

The cattle

7. People's lack of faith in God is blamed on the clergy.

The clergy

8. The maid was asked to dust the china.

The china

9. Yesterday I heard some amazing gossip about us.

The gossip

10. My neighbour's little boy suffers from rickets.


11. They have dismissed the jury for disagreeing over the verdict.

The jury

12.1 can see a huge flock of birds in the distance.

The flock

13. The children saw a brood of duckling crossing the pond.

The brood

14. The enemy forced our army to fall back last week.

Our army

15. They have just erected a cluster of office buildings downtown.

A cluster

16. This farmer is about to purchase an orange grove.

An orange grove

17. The feelings of the bench about this case remain a mystery.


18. Food to the disaster area has been taken by a convoy of lorries.

A convoy

19. Christmas carols are now being sung by the church choir.

The church choir

20. The peasant's animals were attacked by a pack of wolves.

A pack of wolves

21. The students have been impressed by the acoustics of the auditorium.

The acoustics

22. Notes are being taken by the whole class now.

The whole class

23. The President usually receives advice from his suite.

The suite

24. The teacher has just received a bunch of flowers.

A bunch

25. The passer-by has been insulted by a bunch of school boys.

A bunch

II. Choose the best option.

1. The teacher reminded the students to consult the at the end of the book.

a) addendums  c) addendam

b) addendas  d) addenda

2. This man is known not only to have attended several but also to have given speeches on this issue.

a) symposiams  c) symposias

b) symposia  d) symposiam

3. The latest two in the middle east haven't been dealt with properly by the heads of state concerned.

a) crisis  c) crisae

b) crises  d) crisas

4. What were the taken into consideration by the scientists before reaching such a conclu­sion?

a) criterion  c) criteria

b) criteriae  d) criterions

5. The earthquake is one of the most feared natural

a) phenomena  c) phenomenas

b) phenomenal  d) phenomenons

6. The teachers were requested to write up their only after consulting the latest

a) syllabises/curriculas c) syllabi/curricula

b) syllabises/curriculae d) syllabi/curricullum

7. I happen to know somebody who tells me the edible . from the poisons ones.

a) fungi  c) fungusa

b) fungus  d) fungusae

8. It is known that romantic poetry contains a lot of

a) antithesis  c) antithesus

b) antitheses  d) antithesa

9. The boy asked the girl whether she liked potted flowers in general and in particular.

a) cacti  c) cactusa

b) cactusi  d) cactusae

10. This book ends with four, two of which are crucial for a full understanding of it.

a) appendix  c) appenice

b) appendixe  d) appendices

11. Rickets caused by the lack of vitamin D resulting in soft and bent bones.

a) is  c) will have been

b) are  d) will has been

12. There a mews just at the end of this road when I was a child.

a) has been  c) was

b)were  d) have been

13. After several ottoman attacks, this region a shambles.

a) were a  c) were some

b) was a  d) have been some

14. All students agree that the acoustics of the auditorium much it be desired.

a) leaves  c) has left

b) leave  d) have left

15. I've just been told that ninepins a great skill.

a) requires  c) required

b) require  d) will have required

16. Those girl's phonetics beyond contempt.

a) are  c) has been

b) is  d) was

17. Statistics usually studied at college.

a) are  c) is

b) have been  d) are being

18. The mechanics of this play unknown to all of them.

a) has always been  c) have always been

b) is always  d) are always

19. In old times, the stocks used to kill people.

a) has been  c) have been

b) was  d) were

20. In the past, gallows, besides stocks used to kill people.

a) was  c) has been

b) were  d) have been

21. El nu a vazut o spanzuratoare decat in cartea lui de istorie.

a) He has only seen a piece of gallows in his history book.

b) He has seen some gallows in his history book.

c) He hasn't seen some gallows in his history book.

d) He hasn't seen a gallows in his history book.

22. Tom se plange ca nu este destula mancare.

a) Tom is complaning that there isn't enough eats.

b) Tom is complaning that there aren't enough eats.

c) Tom is complaning that there isn't enough of food.

d) Tom is complaning that there aren't enough food.

23. John a afirmat ca favoritii sunt din nou la moda

a) John stated that whiskers are in the fashion again.

b) John stated that whiskers is in fashion again.

c) John stated that whiskers were fashionable again.

d) John stated that whiskers is fashionable again.

24. Serviciul echipei gazda n-a fost prea reusit.

a) The innings of the host team hasn't been very good yesterday.

b) The innings of the host team haven't been very good yesterday.

c) The innings of the host team were not so good yesterday.

d) The innings of the host team was not so good yesterday.

25. Ciorba de potroace mi se pare fara gust.

a) The soup of gibbets seem tasteless.

b) The gibbets soup seems tasteless.

c) The soup of gibbets seems tasteless.

d) The gibbets soup seem tasteless.

26. I counted the oranges in the crate and I found that a score rotten so I had to replace.

a) was/them c) was/it

b)were/them  d) were/it

27. Nine tenths of the English language idiomatic so the remaining tenth easier to grasp.

a) is/are c) is/is

b) are/is d) are/are

28. One third of the flowers on the stand withered and the seller had to throw away.

a) were/it c) was/them

b) was/it d) were/them

29. The majority finally in favor of that verdict but in the beginning a large number of the jury members not.

a) were/was c) was/was

b) were/were d) was/were

30. The majority of students in this class of girls coming from foster homes while the remainder of them with their biological parents.

a) consists/live c) consist/lives

b) consists/lives d) consist/live

31. There heaps of food at this party which more than enough.

a) were/was c) was/were

b) were/were d) was/was

32. A great many of children present at Andrew's party yesterday, which more than enough for his parents.

a) were/were  c) was/were

b) were/was  d) was/was

33. There heaps and heaps of money in the bank's safe but the robbers couldn't take a great deal of.

a) was/it  c) were/it

b) was/them  d) were/them

34. It still two hours before the concert started so neither of the youngsters in a hurry.

a) was/were  c) was/was

b) were/was  d) were/were

35. the holidays that all the children waiting for now.

a) these are/are  c) There are /is

b) it is/is  d) It is/are

36. A word or two enough to convince him of your innocence although there heaps of evi­dence against you.

a) are/are  c) are/is

b) is/is  d) is/are

37. Of all my students, more than one taken up Law School this year and neither of them failed.

a) have/has   c) has/has

b) has/have  d) have/have

38. The well known politician and singer just left as a good many of journalists outside.

a) has/are  c) have/are

b) have/is  d) has/is

39. Research and development what counts nowadays as without life doesn't improve.

a) are/them c) are/it

b) is/it d) is/are

40. I hear that Bob or Doris coming to our place this weekend so a great deal of fun to be found here.

a) is/is  c) are/are

b) are/is  d) is/are

41.' he or his sisters inside?' 'Neither of them '

a) are/is  c) is/is

b) is/are  d) are/are

42. 'Neither you nor Mark carried out the task I gave you!' 'Because neither of us ready to do, it!'

a) have/are  c) has/are

b) have/is  d) has/is

43. 'Neither Louis nor Nora very much about school life as they have been attending school for 3 months only.' 'Neither Mark nor my two girls '

a) knows/do c) know/do

b) knows/does d) know/does

44. Paul, as well as Mary chemistry and he has won several contests so far and a trip to Las Vegas, in addition to several books, which paid for them.

a) loves/have been  c) loves/has been

b) love/have been  d) love/has been

45. In addition to my Cd-s, a book of poems sent to George for his birthday; either of them welcome.

a) was/were  c) was/was

b) were/was  d) were/were

46. Tom, together with his classmates, having dinner out; not only I but also his parents it right for a child like him to make the most of his free time.

a) is/think  c) are/think

b) is/thinks  d) are/thinks

47. The manager, no less than all his employees, late for work every day and this means that neither they nor he interested in the business making a profit.

a) are/are  c) are/is

b) is/is  d) is/are

48. Agatha, but not her classmates, rough to the new teacher; so none of those three pun­ished.

a) were/were  c) were/was

b) was/were  d) was/was

49. A great deal or musicians in this contest and more than one third of them from abroad.

a) participate/come  c) participates/comes

b) participate/comes  d) participates/come

50. The majority of the crew lost in the shipwreck, yet a good part of them brought to shore.

a) was/was  c) was/were

b) were/were  d) were/was

III. Translate into English:

1. Ambele serve ale jucatorului roman de tenis au fost gresite.

2. Clestele acesta este prea vechi si nu il pot folosi.

3. Foalele de la fieraria de peste drum s-au defectat.

4. Jocurile cu gajuri au fost interzise cu ani in urma

5. Toate lumea stie ca lornionul era foarte des intalnit pe vremea lui Caragiale.

6. Seful Isabellei ii tot repeta acesteia ca nu ii place ciorba de potroace, dar ea nu vrea sa asculte.

7. Copilul ii spune mamei: „Merindele astea nu imi vor ajunge mai mult de doua zile!“

8. Carne mai ieftina poti cumpara de la abatorul care s-a mutat de curand la noi in cartier.

9. Bunicul lui Alice se tot plange ca il dor salele, dar nu il ia nimeni in seama

10. Maria a folosit penseta pentru a-si scoate aschia din deget.

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