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Subordination / Embedding
PRONOUN AGREEMENT - Choose the correct form
IELTS Speaking: Real Test

TERMENI importanti pentru acest document


  1. Where’s Corporal McAtkinson? He ___ answer the phone.

a)don’t b)never c)doesn’t d)isn’t

  1. He says he ___ any special training at present, but usually he ___.

a)don’t do/do b)does/did c)is doing/do d)isn’t doing/does

  1. ___ the Colour Sergeant ___with the marines?

a)Does/exercising b)Isn’t/exercise c)Isn’t/exercises d)Is/exercising

  1. I have to load the weapon now, ___?

a)have I b)don’t I c)haven’t I d)do I

5. I am supposed to pass the NBC test, ___?

a)aren’t I b)don’t I c)am I d)do I

All personnel ___ for the morning roster every day, ___?

a)gathers/is it b)is gathering/isn’t it c)gathers/don’t they d)is gathering/don’t they

  1. They ___ to Iraq next week, we’ve made all the arrangements.

a)will go b) are going c)go d)will be going

  1. Usually we ___ the brunch in the mess hall.

a)are having b)have c)having d)to have

  1. The administration block ___ with the public this Saturday and Sundays.

a)does not work b)is not working c)does not works d)do not work

  1. What ___ soldiers on the base ___ about security?

a)does/do b)do/do c)do/does d)does/does

  1. The IT technician ___ the computer room when the Officer in Charge ___ in.

a)checks/comes b)was checking/was coming c)was checking/came d)checked/was coming

  1. The HQ___ in another building for about two months, for some temporary rebuilding.

a)moved b)was moving c)has moving d)was move

  1. The soldiers ___the regular check up at the infirmary, last week.

a)are having b)don’t have c)didn’t have d)didn’t had

  1. The conscripts ___ and ___parade drills on the parade ground, this time yesterday.

a)were marching/doing b)marched/doing c)marched/did d)were marching/done

  1. ___ soldiers___ to the bar or shop at the NAAFI there?

a)Do/went b)Did/went c)Do/goes d)Did/go

  1. All soldiers ___ the weapons when private Davids ___ at the target.

a)loaded/shot b)were loading/shot c)were loading/were shooting c)loaded/was shooting

  1. ___all the officers ___ weights in the fitness centre at that late hour?

a)Did…lifting b)Were…lifted c)Were…lifting d)Did…lift

  1. They ___ the military jeep in the vehicle depot an hour ago.

a)were parking b)parked c)parking d)did park

  1. They used to ___ time with their families in the married quarters.

a)spending b)spent c)be spending d)spend

  1. You showed your ID and signed in at the gate, ___ you?

a)don’t you b)isn’t it c)didn’t d)did

  1. The soldiers ___ in our base in Kabul, so they are here.

a)arrived b)were arriving c)have arrived d)arrive

  1. ___ Private Crane ___ jet-skiing?

a)Has…took up b)Has…taken up c)Did…takes up d)Did…took up

23. ___ Cpl Baxter ___a driving licence?.

a)Has…got b)Has…get c)Did…got d)Have…got

24. A lot of soldiers ___ their motor-cycle test in this base.

a)has passed b)have pass c)have past d)have passed

25. The Lance Corporal___ for two hours in the gym facility.

a)has practised b)has practiced c)have been practising d)practiced

26. The officers ___ their free time in the PX for two hours when they decided to go.

a)spent b)have spent c)had been spending d)have spend

27.The car ___ just___ when we heard the alarm.

a)have been…turned right b)has…turn right c)has…turned right d)turned…just

28. They ___ about the internet suite for ten minutes when the general___.

a)were discussing/was entering b)have discussed/entered

c)had been discussing/entered d)discussed/has entered

29. They___ on the firing range since morning, ___they?

a)have been drilling/haven’t b)have been drilling/don’t

c)have drilled/have c) have drilled/didn’t

30. Where is the squad? ___they already____ straight on to the petrol station?

a)Did…go b)Have…gone c)Have…went d)Have…go

31.This isn’t our first tour in the base. We ___ here many times before, since 2000.

a)are b)have been c)were d)had been

32.Sg.Kenneth has got his mobile phone. He found it when ___ into his wardrobe.

a)he looked b)he has looked c)he was looking d)has been looking

33. Excuse me, I can’t answer you now. ___ to an important meeting.

a)I go b)I’m going c)I’ve gone d)I will go

34. Major Isaac can’t get Captain Baldwin on the phone. ___ all morning.

a)He is trying b)He tries c)He has been trying d)He was trying.

35. A lot of improvements were made last year. We ___ all the money.

a)had spent b)spent c)were spending d)have spent

36. There’s a new soldier’s quarter in the base. ___ it yesterday.

a)They’d opened b)They opened c)They’ve opened d)They open

37. A modern heating device and light fittings ____before the soldiers arrived at the base.

a)were introduced b)had introduced c)had been introduced d)introduced

38. The soldier didn’t serve the meal in the mess hall because he___already___at the PX.

a)had…eaten b)has…ate c)had…ate d)had been…ate

39. The fridge-freezer___for two days when the technical representative came to inspect it.

a)didn’t function  b)hadn’t function c)hadn’t been functioning d)wasn’t functioning

40. I___for three months when the mains-wired fire alarm systems were finally installed.

a)had waited b)had been waiting c)waited d)have waited

41.They___the power points a day before, ___they?

a)had installed/did b)had installed/didn’t c)had installed/had d)had installed/hadn’t

42. The two colonels ___the base every month from now on.

a)are inspecting b)will inspect c)will be inspecting d)inspect

43. To get to the married quarters, you___ go along the road, and take the second left.

a)will have to b)will have c)are to d)are going to

44.If you ___ever___ for the HQ, enter the building on your left-hand side.

a)will…search b)are…searching c)will…be searching d)are…on search

45.The delegates ___a mainland base tomorrow at 0200 hours.

a)will visit b)will be visiting c)shall visit d)will be visit

46.Private Smith ___deliver a speech within a few seconds.

a)Ǿ b)is going to c)is to d)will be

47. The NATEX ___ already___ the beer by 5 o’clock this time next week.

a)will…sell b)will…sold c)will have…sell d)will have…sold

48.Corporal Jameson is very ambitious; he ___check all files these days.

a)is to b)is going to c)goes to d)is about to

49. I told my superiors that I ___to leave the base the following week.

a)was going to b)am going to c)will be going to d)am to

50.The new general ___the facilities of our base by next week.

a)will know b)will be knowing c)is going to knowing d)knowing


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