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Alecsandri Vasile


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Alecsandri Vasile


            Alecsandri Vasile (1818-1890) was one of the most important Romanian poet before the appearance of Eminescu. He was born in an old family of land-owners. His father had important jobs in Moldovian administration. Alecsandri had an Etherist brother how died in the fight against the Turks.

            He learnt in a school in Iassy having as teachers the famons Gherman Vida and the french Victor Cuenim.

            In 1937 he left for Paris for engineering studies together with other suns of nobles among who Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Instead of passing the engineering exams he stars writing poems in French.

            In 1840 he was appointed director of the National Theatre in Iasy together with Negruzzi and kogalniceanu. From that moment his life was connected to all social and cultural events from Moldavia.

            He was among the Moldavian potiotes in 1848 who tried to overthrow the obusive ruler M Sturdza.

            He lived for a period in exile then he could be found among the partizan of the Union and figurated among the candidates to the throne but he rennounced in favour of Cuza.

            In 1859 he was sent in France, Italuy and england to obtain the recognition of the Union.

            He had mcessful discussions with the count Covour and with Napoleon the third. After Cuza’s dedication he withdrew from political life- still he known in Europe.

            In 1879 he received at Montpllier an award for the poem Ginta Latina.

            His creaton represents an illustrating example in the rensre of the ussing both classic and romatic exemnts.

            Even from his youth he wrote species of the classicism.vodevilles, sketches, comedies satirising the negative types. The most outstanding are those which have as central character Coana Chirita, the type of wpatartr (Chirita in Iasi (Chirita in Iasi), or Doua fete si-o neneaca (two girls and their mother), Chirita in provintie (Chirita in the province), Chirita in balen (Chirita in the balloon).

            Species of romanticism , drama, Boieri si ciocoi, Despot-Voda, plays of antique inspiration Tantana Blanduzei and Ovidiu.

            The work in prose includes a few romantic athemphs like:the short-story: Buchetiera de la Florentia his first work from 1840, the novel Dridri, and the memoirs Calatorie in Africa (Journey to Africa), Jurnal de calatorie in Italia (Travelling journal to Italy).Also one could add the short prose: Iasii in 1848 (Tassy in 1848), Borsec, (Borsec), Balta Alba (Balta Alba).

            The most important part of his work is poetry His first volume Doine si lacramioare follows the ideas and feelings of the popular poetry and its manner of expression.

            The folklore was a source of inspiration and also rerearched by the outher: he published two collections intituled Poezii populare ale romanilor.

            Speciestaken out of the popular creation are included in his volums doinas, ballads, legends, songs of the out laws. Doina is one of the most famowr creations of literature.

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