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Text fields


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Text fields

A TextField is a one line area that allows the user to enter and edit text. TextField is inherited from TextComponent, which lets you select text, get the selected text as a String, get or set the text, and set whether the TextField is editable, along with other associated methods that you can find in your online reference. The following example demonstrates some of the functionality of a TextField; you can see that the method names are fairly obvious:


// Using the text field control

import java.awt.*;

import java.applet.*;

public class TextField1 extends Applet

public boolean action (Event evt, Object arg)

else if(

// Let the base class handle it:


return super.action(evt, arg);

return true; // We've handled it here


} ///:~

There are several ways to construct a TextField; the one shown here provides an initial string and sets the size of the field in characters.

Pressing button 1 either gets the text you’ve selected with the mouse or it gets all the text in the field and places the result in String s. It also allows the field to be edited. Pressing button 2 puts a message and s into the text field and prevents the field from being edited (although you can still select the text). The editability of the text is controlled by passing setEditable( ) a true or false.

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