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lpstat linux command


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lpstat [options]

Show the status of the print queue. With options that take a list argument, omitting the list produces all information for that option. list can be separated by commas or, if enclosed in double quotes, by spaces.


-a [list]

Show whether the list of printer or class names is accepting requests.

-c [list]

Show information about printer classes named in list.


Show the default printer destination.

-f [list]

Verify that the list of forms is known to lp.


Use after -f to describe available forms, after -p to show printer configurations, or after -s to describe printers appropriate for the specified character set or print wheel.

-o [list]

Show the status of output requests. list contains printer names, class names, or request IDs.

-p [list]

Show the status of printers named in list.


Show whether the print scheduler is on or off.


Show the job's position in the print queue.


Summarize the print status (shows almost everything).


Show all status information (reports everything).

-u [list]

Show request status for users on list. list can be all to show information on all users.

-v [list]

Show device associated with each printer named in list.

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