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dip linux command


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dip [options] [chat scriptfile]

System administration command. Set up or initiate dial-up Internet connections. dip can be used to establish connections for users dialing out or dialing in. Commands can be used in interactive mode or placed in a script file for use in dial-out connections. To establish dial-in connections, dip is often is used as a shell and may be executed using the commands diplogin or diplogini.



In dial-in mode, prompt for username and password. Same as the diplogini command.


Initiate a login shell for a dial-in connection. Same as the diplogin command.


Kill the most recent dip process or the process running on the device specified by the -l option.

-l device

Used with the -k option. Specifies a tty device.

-m mtu

Maximum Transfer Unit. The default is 296.

-p protocol

The protocol to use: SLIP, CSLIP, PPP, or TERM.


Command mode. This is usually done for testing.


Verbose mode.


Most of these commands can be used either in interactive mode or in a script file.

beep times

Beep the terminal the specified number of times.


Retrieve local and remote IP addresses using the BOOTP protocol.


Send a BREAK.

chatkey keyword code

Map a modem response keyword to a numeric code.

config [interface|routing] [pre|up|down|post] arguments

Modify interface characteristics or the routing table, before the link comes up, when it is up, when it goes down, or after it is down. The syntax for arguments is the same as arguments for the ifconfig or route commands.

databits 7|8

Set the number of data bits.

dec $variable [value]

Decrement $variable by value. The default is 1.


Set default route to the IP address of the host connected to.

dial phonenumber [timeout]

Dial phonenumber. Abort if remote modem doesn't answer within timeout seconds. Set $errlvl according to the modem response.

echo on|off

Enable or disable the display of modem commands.

exit [n]

Exit the script. Optionally return the number n as the exit status.


Clear the input buffer.

get $variable [ask|remote [timeout]] value

Set $variable to value. If ask is specified, prompt the user for a value. If remote is specified, retrieve the value from the remote system. Abort after timeout seconds.

goto label

Jump to the section identified by label.


List available commands.

if expr goto label

Jump to the section identified by label if the expression evaluates to true. An expression compares a variable to a constant using one of these operators: = =, <, >, <=, or >=.

inc $variable [value]

Increment $variable by value. The default is 1.

init string

Set the string used to initialize the modem. The default is ATE0 Q0 V1 X1.

mode protocol

Set the connection protocol. Valid values are SLIP, CSLIP, PPP, and TERM. The default is SLIP.

netmask mask

Set the subnet mask.

parity E|O|N

Set the line parity to even, odd, or none.


Prompt user for password.


Install a proxy ARP entry in the local ARP table.

print $variable

Display the content of $variable.

psend command

Execute command in a shell, and send output to the serial device. Commands are executed using the user's real UID.

port device

Specify the serial device the modem is attached to.


Exit with a nonzero exit status. Abort the connection.


Reset the modem.


Prompt user for the variable part of an ACE System SecureID password and send it together with the stored prefix to the remote system.

securidf prefix

Store the fixed part of an ACE System SecureID password.

send string

Send string to the serial device.

shell command

Execute command in a shell using the user's real UID.

skey [timeout]

Wait for an S/Key challenge, then prompt user for the secret key. Generate and send the response. Abort if challenge is not received within timeout seconds. S/Key support must be compiled into dip.

sleep time

Wait time seconds.

speed bits-per-second

Set the port speed. Default is 38400.

stopbits 1|2

Set the number of stop bits.


Enable terminal mode. Pass keyboard input directly to the serial device.

timeout time

Set the number of seconds the line can be inactive before the link is closed.

wait text [timeout]

Wait timeout seconds for text to arrive from the remote system. If timeout is not specified, wait forever.

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