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fsck linux command


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fsck [options] [filesystem]

System administration command. Call the filesystem checker for the appropriate system type, to check and repair filesystems. If a filesystem is consistent, the number of files, number of blocks used, and number of blocks free are reported. If a filesystem is inconsistent, fsck prompts before each correction is attempted. fsck's exit code can be interpreted as the sum of all of those conditions that apply:

Errors were found and corrected.

Reboot suggested.

Errors were found but not corrected.

fsck encountered an operational error.

fsck was called incorrectly.

A shared library error was detected.


Pass all subsequent options to filesystem-specific checker. All options that fsck doesn't recognize will also be passed.


Interactive mode; prompt before making any repairs.


Serial mode.

-t fstype

Specify the filesystem type. Do not check filesystems of any other type.


Check all filesystems listed in /etc/fstab.


Suppress normal execution; just display what would be done.


Meaningful only with -A: check all filesystems listed in /etc/fstab except the root filesystem.


Suppress printing of title.


Verbose mode.

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